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Your Future Honda EV Might Have a General Motors Battery

Honda Urban EV Concept denounced during a Frankfurt Motor Show - Image: Honda UK

Not if you’re formulation on leasing a Clarity Electric, of course, yet destiny iterations of Honda’s greenest indication could use what General Motors is pushing. Which is: a distant some-more appetite unenlightened battery.

On Thursday, a dual automakers announced a partnership to rise smaller, longer-ranged batteries for use in electric vehicles, essentially those sole in North America. Once a dual grasp a breakthrough, GM will turn Honda’s supplier.

By building “advanced chemistry battery components,” definition a dungeon and procedure itself, a automakers wish to marketplace an EV battery container with “higher appetite density, smaller wrapping and faster charging capabilities” than those now on a market.

Because of a miss of battery room underneath a do-everything platform, a entirely electric chronicle of Honda’s Clarity sedan boasts a measly 89 miles of pushing range. No consternation it’s offering such an appealing lease. While some products in a automaker’s EV pipeline, like a prolongation chronicle of a Urban EV Concept, need a tiny footprint though serviceable pushing operation to attract a younger, reduction abundant demographic, there’s a need for immature family haulers with adequate operation to transport 3 kids and their crap to grandma’s residence a state over. This typically necessitates a large, heavy, and costly battery pack, and a large MSRP.

Honda’s not alone in this need. Increasingly, automakers who haven’t invested thriving RD dollars into electrified car record are simply partnering with other automakers to make it happen. Witness Subaru’s cultivatable pair-up with Toyota.

GM and Honda aren’t assembly adult for a first-time tryst, either. The dual automakers already have a corner production agreement for a origination of affordable hydrogen fuel dungeon technology.

Executives from both automakers placed their names on a corner media release, emphasizing a many new partnership’s idea of achieving nice-sounding things like sustainability and mobility. We adore mobility around here.

[Image: Honda]

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