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What will a McLaren 600LT be like to drive?


Matt Prior

If we had to theory what a limited-run McLaren Sports Series indication culmination would be like, would this be it? we consider it might.

Power is up, weight is down, nonetheless by margins that astounded me. Who’d have suspicion there was 96kg we could sincerely simply dispatch from the 570S?

McLaren 600LT is faster than Ferrari 488 GTB, and disdainful pictures

What I’m quite meddlesome in is what a cessation is like. Sports Series cars get some-more required coil-sprung cessation than a hydraulically related Super Series cars, so it’ll be intriguing to see how a 600LT rides. Will it be harsh? No McLaren, even a Senna, has been so far, so we consternation what a impression will be like; how distant it’ll be private from a unchanging 570S.

And that’s a biggie, as we see it: it’s called LT, after all. Given a fact that a 675 and F1 have been a usually recipients of a Longtail name so far, and that they’re both sincerely comparison pieces of machinery, this needs to be severely good to clear it. 

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