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Watch a new TVR Griffith do a full-speed drive-by

The subsequent TVR Griffith was suggested a few months ago during a Goodwood Revival in September, that is fitting, though we haven’t seen a 200-plus-mph automobile driven in annoy — until now.

The above video starts with an overlay: “At a tip location, OK, it’s Dunsfold,” before we see a new TVR fly by during full tilt. It doesn’t unequivocally sound like a Mustang, though we’re guessing that’s partial of Cosworth’s tuning process for a now-500-hp Ford V8.

This is a initial automobile built underneath new association owners Les Edgar, who done his skeleton in a video diversion industry. He purchased TVR from Russian Nikolai Smolensky 4 years ago.

Like we told we in September, a Griffith is formed on Gordon Murray’s iSteam design and, with a engine set behind behind a front axle, has a claimed 50:50 weight balance. It has a connected steel support with carbon-fiber panels heading to a quell weight of only 2,755 pounds. That creates it good for a scurry time of reduction than 4 seconds, according to TVR.

“Today’s phenomenon is a perfection of scarcely 3 years of untiring work by a team, and we’re all unapproachable to be means to uncover a new TVR Griffith to a world,” pronounced Edgar. “This is certainly a TVR, a British flesh automobile that’s as overwhelming and heartless as it is charismatic and refined. Importantly, a new TVR offers levels of technical sophistication, comfort, trustworthiness and practicality never seen by a code before.”

TVR says a Griffith will prioritize pushing delight over tip path times and that it has “intelligent engineering over electronic aids.”

To build a car, TVR is putting 30 million euros into an existent 184,000-square-foot bureau in Wales, tighten to a site of a due new competition circuit. We really wish to expostulate this thing, though as of now, no U.S. sales are planned.

Jake Lingeman

Jake Lingeman

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