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Watch Tesla (Unsuccessfully) Try to Roll a Model X During Crash Tests

If we consider of a automobile like a filing cabinet, putting all of a weight in a tip drawer will make it easier to tip, while a infancy of a weight in a bottom will give it a most sturdier footing. Given that analogy, these formula are distant from startling due to a Model X’s low core of gravity. Despite being a taller SUV, a Model X carries a infancy of a weight during a bottom of a car interjection to a singular battery storage compartment. With a battery packs weighing anywhere from 1,200 to 1,400 pounds, this allows a Model X to lift scarcely a entertain of a weight during a lowest indicate of a vehicle.

In box we wish to see a garland of Model Xs get crushed up, we lonesome a Model X pile-up tests before and talked about a low probability of a rollover. The Model X was even branded “the safest SUV” after apropos a first-ever car in a difficulty to get five-star reserve ratings in each category.

Now, rollovers aren’t unfit in a genuine world. There are approach too many factors that come into play to call a car “unrollable,” though a Model X has been commended for a low rollover probability when it perceived a NHTSA pile-up exam ratings. Nevertheless, examination a Tesla being put to a exam is an engaging steer to see, as we’re used to saying SUVs be distant reduction superb when certain antipathetic movement changes occur.

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