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Watch How The Tesla Model 3 Handles Hot Laps Around Laguna Seca

Still, on a pleasing 55-degree day, a Model 3 showed no signs of any energy detriment as it put down 9 true laps on a famous track, all available on Crowley’s GoPro. And with rear-wheel expostulate and a low core of gravity, it’s some-more than able of hustling by a twists and turns of Laguna Seca, including a scandalous Corkscrew. The usually spirit of difficulty comes on a initial lap, when a soppy quell causes some conspicuous understeer. The continuation is really impressive.

The electric car’s present torque also comes in accessible as Crowley passes several BMW E36s, a Porsche, and a Lotus Seven during his romp. He also manages to keep gait with a Ferrari 458 Italia for a stretch. Obviously, motorist ability plays a purpose in his success, though a car’s cunning can’t be denied. His best path was 1:57.5—by comparison, his best path in his Porsche is 1:41.9.

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