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Watch a Tesla Model X Tow a 143-Ton Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

The pivotal word in all of these claimed firsts is electric because, remarkably, this isn’t a initial time a newcomer automobile has been used to draw an airliner. Last year, a Porsche Cayenne S Diesel towed a 314-ton Air France Airbus A380 opposite roughly 140 feet of tarmac during Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport. At a time, Porsche pronounced that was a record for heaviest aircraft pulled by a prolongation car.

This also isn’t a initial time Qantas has brought together an airliner and a Tesla for an extraordinary stunt. In 2016, it staged a competition between a Boeing 737 and a Tesla Model S P90D. The Tesla got a burst on a Boeing, though a jet gradually reeled in a electric car. A Model S is discerning off a line, though can’t kick a 737’s tip speed of Mach .08.

Why does Qantas keep doing these stunts? It has an ongoing partnership that gives perks to Tesla owners, including charging stations during certain Australian airports. Through a month of June, Tesla owners who are also Qantas visit navigator members will also have a CO emissions from both their automobile and atmosphere transport equivalent by investments in environmental projects.

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