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Watch a Tesla Model S P100D fume a Porsche 911 R (up to a point)

The Tesla Model S only keeps removing quicker with age. The latest further to a Tesla Model S family is a P100D, that has some-more operation and is a improved performer than a prior tip dog Tesla, a P90D. Trying to grasp what ‘better performer’ means, “Top Gear” presenter Chris Harris pitted a all-electric luxe sedan opposite a Porsche 911 R in a drag race.

After spending a initial few mins of a video fighting with a Tesla’s settings to get it into a ridiculous speed mode, Harris showed that a Tesla accelerates harder than a stick-shifted and rear-wheel expostulate Porsche. Harris eventually hops behind a circle of a Porsche to uncover how most outcome a motorist has on rising and pushing a rear-wheel-drive sports automobile contra simply vouchsafing a all-wheel-drive electric sedan’s accelerator mashing launch procedure.

The Porsche losing this drag competition unequivocally shouldn’t be a startle — there’s roughly present torque accessible from a Tesla’s electric motors and AWD traction, while a RWD Porsche’s back tires quarrel for grip. What is startling is how most Harris likes this complicated luxe boat on a road.

Want to see how most he favourite it? Check out a video above.

Wesley Wren

Wesley Wren

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