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Watch a LaFerrari Aperta Go Mountain Drifting

For a few years now, there’s been an Italian male going usually by “Powerslide Lover” online, and he’s uploaded footage of him pushing his really costly cars on Europe’s tip competition tracks. True to his name, a motorist mostly favors removing some good slides over putting down a quickest path time.

Recently, he’s uploaded a video shifting his singular LaFerrari Aperta adult a slight towering roads of Italy’s Passo di Giau. Not a many obliged use of millions of dollars, though we can rest positive that a highway was sealed during a time for a internal go-karting event, definition it was usually a poser driver’s wallet on a line.

First expelled in 2013, a LaFerrari was an ultra-exclusive inheritor to a Enzo, and one of a initial examples of an F1-style hybrid complement in a travel car. Production capped during 499 units. In 2016, an additional 210 cars were made as a LaFerrari Aperta, featuring a automobile tip and revised cooling. In both iterations of a supercar, a Ferrari’s V-12 and electric engine can orchestrate to belt out some-more than 900 horsepower to a back wheels, so inducing oversteer is no difficulty during all.

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