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VW regulating 3D copy for Parts

Volkswagen is a initial automotive manufacturer regulating a latest 3D copy technology with a “HP Metal Jet” routine that simplifies and speeds adult lead 3D printing.

The biggest advantage: capability improves fifty times compared to other 3D copy methods and depending on a component. Hence, for a initial time, three-dimensional copy is mass prolongation prepared in a automotive industry.

Together with printer manufacturer HP and member manufacturer GKN Powder Metallurgy, Volkswagen is therefore dire forward with a growth of a record for mass production.

A Volkswagen automobile is made from 6,000 to 8,000 opposite parts.

Previous 3D copy processes can, however, usually be used for a special prolongation of particular collection or prototypes.

The addition 3D Metal Jet record from HP capacitate a prolongation of a vast array of collection regulating 3D copy for a initial time – but carrying to rise and make a analogous tools.

This significantly reduces a time compulsory to make parts. As a result, a routine is now also engaging for a prolongation of vast quantities in a brief duration of time.

In partnership with HP and GKN, Volkswagen is serve building a record so that pattern elements can be printed in a tiny array during first.

This will be a prerequisite, to be means to furnish individualized pattern collection such as tailgate lettering, special rigging knobs or keys with personalized lettering for business but a good understanding of effort.

The devise is to be means to offer this kind individualization tender to business as shortly as possible.

The new 3D copy routine regulating a HP Metal Jet routine is an addition routine in that collection are constructed covering by covering regulating a powder and binder.

The member is afterwards “baked” into a lead member in a supposed sintering process. This differs from prior processes in that powder is melted by means of a laser.

VW regulating 3D copy for PartsVW regulating 3D copy for Parts

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