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Volvo Teases Mysterious Finned 360c Concept

Last week, a really mysterious audio shave from Volvo kept everybody guessing what new product it has stealing adult a sleeve. Recently, a Swedish automaker gave us a small some-more to go off of with a brief video shave display murky glimpses of an arriving judgment vehicle. Judging by a 360 in a name and a Blade Runner-esque lighting, we think this will be an unconstrained judgment versed with an electric powertrain.

The video initial shows what appears to be a front of a vehicle, that sports an bright Volvo badge and dual skinny strips of lighting that widen all a approach to a edges to join a organisation of plumb built light bars that could copy headlights. The front end’s cascading light also spills out onto a skinny square that juts out from a body, presumably a sensor or camera (or both) replacing a normal side perspective mirror.

The final shave in a brief video shows what is expected a back finish of a vehicle, with what looks like a red taillight that connects to a fin that extends from what competence be a back potion or liftgate. Red lighting continues onto a fin, that bears a 360 logo. It’s misleading if this is merely a pattern component or if it’s somehow partial of a vehicle’s unconstrained systems. Whatever a case, we’re not against to fins creation a comeback. Out of concentration and in a background, we can once again see a thin, bright bit extending from a front of a Volvo.

Volvo hasn’t given us any clues as to what this is besides a few difference concomitant a Instagram post: “Coming soon: a prophesy for a destiny of travel.” But formed on what we can see in a video, a front finish looks really honest and pod-like, definition this could be a large, multi-passenger unconstrained shuttle. The judgment could tie into Volvo’s recently announced M mobility brand, that a automaker says “aspires to broach a improved choice to automobile tenure for civic and metro consumers.”

Then again, we could be removing a initial hide look during an arriving Volvo SUV. But one thing we’re flattering certain of is this won’t be a reconstruction of a Volvo 360 hatchback that a U.S. never got. Oh well.

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