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Volvo skeleton car-sharing in 2019

Volvo Cars is a latest automaker to bound on a car-sharing bandwagon, as a attention searches for new business models.

Volvo will yield on-demand entrance to cars by a new mobility code it calls “M.” The new use will be accessible in a U.S. in open 2019.

The beginning is apart from a automobile subscription module Volvo launched this spring, called Care by Volvo.

M is a new code from Volvo Car Mobility, a unconditionally owned auxiliary of Sweden’s Volvo Car Group. Sunfleet, Volvo’s car-sharing use in Sweden, will be integrated into M in 2019.

Most Volvo models will be accessible to M users, a Volvo mouthpiece said.

“We are now conducting endless contrast of M, that includes assessing a pricing indication and that vehicles M will offer,” she said.

Rapidly changing technology, joined with a presentation of affordable and abounding ride-hailing services, is pressuring a normal car-ownership model.



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“We commend that civic consumers are rethinking normal automobile ownership,” Volvo Cars CEO Hakan Samuelsson pronounced in a statement. “M is partial of a answer. We are elaborating to turn a direct-to-consumer services provider.”

Instead of forcing consumers to buy one automobile for each pushing need, car-sharing programs let business name vehicles for specific occasions — an SUV when extended family is in town, a automobile for a weekend getaway or a compress for a downtown commute.

Car-sharing services, such as Car2Go or Zipcar, concede members to book a automobile on demand, clear it with a mobile app and use it for as prolonged as needed.

“Mobility is undergoing a elemental transformation,” Samuelsson said. “The launch of M creates new sources of income for Volvo Cars and will be constituent to a company’s aspiration to build some-more than 5 million approach consumer relations by a center of a subsequent decade.”

Volvo is exploring other alternatives to automobile ownership. The automaker’s Care by Volvo is a subscription-based, flat-fee VIP use that includes automobile maintenance, word and tire changes, as good as digital concierge services such as fueling, cleaning and even a smoothness of packages to a car.

The service, distinct subscription programs from Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, does not concede members to barter vehicles during a two-year agreement period.

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