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Volkswagen’s Newest Crossover Is Yet Another VW Crossover America Can’t Have

Image: VW Group

Following Volkswagen’s disastrous, reputation-fouling diesel scandal, a code fast pivoted to application vehicles in a bid to recapture mislaid U.S. sales. So far, so good on that front. The Atlas is a clever contender in a midsize margin and a new-generation Tiguan saw a swell of buyers after VW combined a third quarrel and piles of length.

Still, a lineup isn’t entirely fleshed out. While a old-generation Tiguan (called a Tiguan Limited) stays as a tiny crossover offering, that indication disappears for a 2019 indication year. VW hasn’t even named a compress successor, a indication primarily geared only for a North American market.

Meanwhile, abroad buyers already have dual tiny VW crossovers to consider about — a T-Roc, already on sale, and now a T-Cross.

Slated for a tumble 2018 debut, a T-Cross was teased in an artist’s digest Tuesday morning. Volkswagen says a model, that slots underneath a T-Roc in size, rides atop a brand’s MQB height and offers passengers a “surprising volume of room.” A shifting back dais helps in this regard.

While a indication has European business in mind, buyers in China and South America will also get a possibility to dump banking on one. However, it doesn’t demeanour like a U.S. stands to benefit a new subcompact offering.

As for our tiny crossover, a final word on that trickled out in March, when VW code sales trainer Juergen Stackmann referenced it in an talk with Automotive News. “We call it internally Volks-SUV,” he said, adding “the prolongation automobile won’t have that name – since it incited from a informal plan into a tellurian project.”

Stackmann pronounced sales would start in August, though don’t get prepared to conduct to a play only yet. Initially constructed in China around a corner venture, locals get initial dibs on a unnamed crossover (which also uses VW’s MQB architecture). Production for a North American marketplace starts in Mexico in 2020.

[Image: Volkswagen Group]

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