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Volkswagen faces prolongation hindrance amid WLTP acceptance delays

Volkswagen skeleton to hindrance prolongation on some of a models, starting in August, since authorities are holding longer than approaching to plead cars underneath a new, some-more picturesque Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) emissions tests.

At a assembly with a works legislature in Wolfsburg today, Volkswagen Group CEO and VW code trainer Herbert Diess announced that the Wolfsburg bureau competence be forced to temporarily stop prolongation of vague indication variants from August, a month before WLTP certification becomes a authorised requirement within a European Union.

Diess told a works council: “Within a Volkswagen code alone, we need to exam some-more than 200 indication variants and have them type-approved within a really brief space of time. To master this challenge, a exam rigs have been and will be operated probably turn a clock.”

A VW matter simplified that there is during slightest 3 times a volume of testing to be finished compared with prior contrast routines, meaning the company’s contrast rigs are in consistent demand and are now in operation 24 hours a day to locate up.

“We contingency design prolongation interruptions in a third quarter,” pronounced Diess. “After a works holidays in Wolfsburg, we will usually be creation vehicles that accommodate a new standards. Vehicles will be delivered step by step as shortly as a form approvals compulsory are available. Nevertheless, we will need to store a vast series of vehicles on an hindrance basis. To safeguard that this series does not turn too large, we will need to devise closure days for prolongation in Wolfsburg during a duration between a works holidays and a finish of September.”

Chairman of a works council, Bernd Osterloh, protested during a due prolongation halts, saying: “It is not a error of a colleagues that a association has built too few exam rigs over a years and can unexpected not hoop a exam volume required. We will not concede this weight to be borne by a workforce alone during a finish of a day. Our colleagues in prolongation are not obliged for this situation.” 

WLTP was introduced to reinstate a old-fashioned and during times dangerous New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) tests in a issue of VW’s Dieselgate emissions scandal.

VW RD boss Frank Welsch told Autocar final month: “The problem is not carrying a technical solutions though what we have to have before [certification].

“By 1 September, all needs to be fixed, finished and certified. That’s all of our portfolio, and a portfolio is big. We’re not prepared for new certification for all of a cars in one year, with entrance to exam benches, equipment, breeze tunnels and so on, and it’s a same for a suppliers.

“Now, it’s all in a integrate of months. We need some-more time, some-more exam benches, some-more people during a [test] authorities.

“Some engines will not be accessible for dual months or so. We have solutions though not a tests available. So in some cars, we will not have all a engines.”

VW will not be alone in carrying to postpone prolongation due to delays over WLTP certification.

Audi, Mini, Peugeot and Porsche have all been forced to hindrance sales of some models, while BMW finished prolongation of a M3 rather than change it to accommodate WLTP standards.

Autocar has approached VW for comment.

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