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Vehicle sales highlights from a audacious first-half

New light-vehicle sales rose 1.9 percent to 8,617,655 in a initial half — a pleasing warn given those not-so-great expectations we began a year with.

Still, many analysts plan U.S. sales will finish 2018 next 17 million for a initial time given 2014, given rising seductiveness rates. It seems a 5.2 percent burst in Jun didn’t change those methodical minds.

Whatever, a few annals are still expected to tumble in 2018 — see Jeep, Ford F series, Audi, Subaru and altogether crossover sales. Here are a few highlights from a damn important initial half.

They call it a lorry boom, though it’s unequivocally about a crossovers, of course. SUVs, pickups and vans total rose 5.8 percent in a initial half, while crossovers soared 14 percent to 3,249,455 — 38 percent of a marketplace and roughly 500,000 units some-more than automobile sales. In a initial half of 2017, cars outsold crossovers 3,123,262 to 2,862,335.

That’s a vast mountain, though sales surfaced 495,000 in a initial half, or 25,000 some-more than a code has sole in a initial or second half of any year. So, a million Jeep sales in a singular year seems doable earlier (as in 2018) rather than later.

There’s one automobile shred that eked out a year-on-year benefit in a initial half — vast oppulance vehicles, adult 1.5 percent. Big drivers in this contrarian category? Cadillac XTS (+16%), Mercedes-Benz S category (+11%), Volvo 90 (+37%) and Lexus LS (+136%)

In a reward wars, Mercedes-Benz has been in authority for a past integrate of years. But that excellent aged duel with BMW is heating adult again. Bimmer outsold a German opposition in June, 29,407 to 26,191, pulling within 6,000 units for a year. This time in 2017, Mercedes had scarcely a 13,000-unit lead.



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