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Vauxhall eCorsa name reliable for 2020 electric hatchback


  • Vauxhall eCorsa

    This growth jackass for a subsequent Corsa was speckled before PSA took over Vauxhall

  • Vauxhall eCorsa
  • Vauxhall eCorsa
  • Vauxhall eCorsa
  • Vauxhall eCorsa

    The stream Corsa is Vauxhall’s best-selling model

  • Vauxhall eCorsa
  • Vauxhall eCorsa
  • Vauxhall eCorsa
  • Vauxhall eCorsa
  • Vauxhall eCorsa

Sam Sheehan

Vauxhall has reliable a eCorsa name for a electric chronicle of a next-generation Ford Fiesta opposition that will arrive after a unchanging Corsa model in 2020.

The all-electric hatchback will lay alongside a recently reliable Grandland X PHEV, a next Ampera-e and an electrified outpost in Vauxhall’s flourishing electrified line-up. These models will play a pivotal purpose in the long-term foundation skeleton of Vauxhall’s parent, PSA Group.

The skeleton state that each Vauxhall indication will be accessible with an electrified powertrain by 2024, with battery electric energy for tiny cars and hybrid and and plug-in hybrid power for incomparable models. These models will be sole alongside combustion-engined alternatives rather than in a standalone range.

The subsequent Corsa was creatively designed to be underpinned by a structure grown by Vauxhall’s former owner, General Motors, though it will now be built on a same CMP design as a subsequent Peugeot 208 and Citroën C3. This change has enabled a eCorsa to use eCMP underpinnings.

This electrified height will be common with electric versions of a subsequent 208 and C3. While no details have been given about ranges, rivals such as the Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona Electric offer between 250 and 292 miles, definition a PSA models will need to offer identical distances from a singular assign to be competitive.

Synergies achieved by the use of a CMP platform have helped Vauxhall to separate growth costs for a new Corsa. It will be a initial Vauxhall (and Opel) automobile to be built on a PSA platform. PSA tenure will see all GM platforms used by Vauxhall cars transposed by PSA ones, slicing 9 platforms to only two: CMP and EMP2.

The same will be loyal for engines, that will be embellished from 10 families to only four. Such is PSA’s commitment towards foundation that a engineers are building a new powertrains to be concordant with hybrid energy from a start, rather than bettering them at a after stage. The line-up includes a new 1.6 petrol four-pot, a 1.2 petrol triple and a lightweight 1.5 diesel.

While electrified models now paint only a tiny apportionment of new cars sales — they have a 5.8% share of a UK market — the Corsa is Vauxhall’s biggest-selling indication in Britain (and currently the fifth best-selling automobile in Britain), suggesting a electric chronicle could turn a poignant actor in a segment.

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Our Verdict

Vauxhall Corsa cornering

All-new Vauxhall Corsa raises a diversion with a finish outcome being a grand supermini that’s decent to drive, though still brief of a benchmark set by a Ford Fiesta


Smacks of desperation….

…anouncing something that is a prolonged approach away.



Next essay is nonetheless another preview of the V60 for recover in 2019, recklessness as well?

typos1 – Just can’t honour opinion


Preview or “we wish to have…..”

The V60 is being released.


The Corsa EV is something they wish to have one day in a future……



Corsa is being released

typos1 – Just can’t honour opinion

Bob Cat Brian

Vauxhall bashing is popular,

Vauxhall bashing is popular, and maybe easy as their models are all a small dull, though a operation is indeed flattering new, other than a Corsa, and competitive, so firm to be a peace of new models until a new Corsa arrives.

Shame we didnt get a Bolt EV before GM bailed.


It’s substantially not Vauxhall / Opel we should be bashing…

…but a  late over GM is where we should approach the scorn.

After all GM managed to rabble Vauxhall / Opel, Saab and countless other smaller US brands…..



Asset nude Rover costing thousand of British jobs

typos1 – Just can’t honour opinion

Ski Kid

a large risk shopping a Vauxhall or Opel

unless on pcp only incase they turn gone and only sell Citroens and Pugs.

Bob Cat Brian

Ski Kid wrote:

unless on pcp only incase they turn gone and only sell Citroens and Pugs.


and not doing so will only safeguard that happens!…




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