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Used automobile shopping guide: Mercedes-AMG C 63 (2008-2015)

James, my neighbour, has a C 63 Estate, bought used from Mercedes-Benz Brooklands, home of Mercedes-Benz World, where, for about £90, we can leg an AMG around a doing circuit.

In fact, James’s 11-plate C 63, was, for a initial 6 months of a life, one of a centre’s ‘experience’ cars, some-more used to conflicting close than true ahead.

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He loves it, given not usually does it have a discretionary Performance Pack Plus that lifted energy from 451bhp to 480bhp, yet it also, he reckons, has a bit some-more adult a sleeve – around 20bhp. He competence be right, given Mercedes-Benz Brooklands knows about tuned C 63s (it was a solitary retailer of a limited-run C 63 DR520 of 2010 that put out 513bhp). Whatever a strong 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 makes, James has found it to be totally reliable.

His C 63 has now finished 42,000 miles. As you’d expect, given that it has super-firm cessation and 19in wheels, a interior creaks a little. He has to keep an eye on a oil and when he drives it hard, fuel expenditure is in singular figures. The indicate of revelation we all this is that here’s a C 63 AMG Estate, a former attempt automobile no less, still doing a business while hauling a family of 4 and a dog.

If we go nosing around C 63s, you’ll hear fear stories of corroded back cylinder conduct bolts and loud cams, both depot if authorised to develop. Fortunately, both problems are rare.

Estate and tavern versions were launched in 2008, with customary apparatus including Mercedes’ 7G-tronic involuntary gearbox and 18in alloys. The discretionary Performance Pack brought a limited-slip diff yet no travel in power. That came with a aforementioned Performance Pack Plus of 2009, although, bizarrely, a limited-slip diff was forsaken to turn an choice opposite a range.

The DR520 shaved half a second off a 0-62mph time – useful but, during £10,000 some-more than a customary car, no bargain. In 2011, a facelifted C 63 landed with a new seven-speed multi-clutch delivery (not a dual-clutch set-up yet a aged automobile ’box with several clutches in place of a torque converter), a new grille and an aluminium bonnet. Mercedes’ Intelligent Light System, a new infotainment set-up and a rested cabin finished a makeover.

Almost yet not quite: there was a new physique too. The coupé was accessible in all trims and one other besides. The Coupé AMG Black Series put out 510bhp for 0-62mph in 4.2sec, and had a circle arches to infer it. Today, prices start during around £80,000. Too expensive? The last- of-the-line Edition 507 Estate and tavern with a Performance Pack as customary have a same bonnet, 500bhp and start during around £35,000.

Whichever C 63 we go for, you’ll find many have had mixed keepers. People can usually stomach 17mpg for so long. No problem. As James’s automobile proves, if a denote can take 6 months of skid-pan punishment, it can take anything.

How to get one in your garage: 

An expert’s perspective – OLIVER STONER, PRESTIGE CAR SERVICE:

“We get around 4 C 63s by a seminar each month. I’ve listened all a stories about loud cam lifters and a back conduct bolts unwell on some cars – we’ve never seen those problems. We’ve seen lambda and thermostat issues, though. The thermostat sticks open, so it’s only warming adult that suffers, rather than a engine being carnivorous of coolant. They can use a bit of oil: one to dual litres between services. The cessation is elementary – no Airmatic – and as prolonged as we drive transparent of a Performance Pack brakes, discs are comparatively cheap. One of my technicians owned a C 63 Estate for 12 months and other than a using costs – 17mpg and £535 highway taxation – he desired  it.”

Buyer beware…

ENGINE – If it’s an early car, check condition of back cylinder conduct bolts (a few were famous to break). Listen for a loud engine indicating cam lifter wear but, again, it’s rare. Low oil turn suggests messy pleasantness between services. Listen, too, for a loud timing sequence adjuster. Check thermostat operation. Oil-filled engine mounts on cars with 60k-plus miles can fail; feel for vibration. Fix is around £400.

TRANSMISSION – A liquid and filter change each 40,000 miles is best. Check after MCT automobile has no hot-running issues. If it has a limited-slip diff, check if bureau fit or aftermarket such as Quaife and that work was scrupulously done.

BRAKES AND SUSPENSION – Front control arms can separate during around 60,000 miles. Where fitted, check 19in wheels, that are disposed to cracking. Standard discs are pretty inexpensive during £70 yet Performance Pack’s floating equipment are around £400; if fitted, check their condition. Check back stop pipes for corrosion.

BODY – Lower grille is receptive to mill damage. Check circle arches for scrapes, wheels for kerbing and doorway mirrors for squeak-free operation.

INTERIOR – Check operation of doorway handles and driver’s chair adjustment. Expect some creaks pleasantness of a unbending suspension, yet on pre-facelift cars listen for a clap from a fascia’s right-hand side. Check Comand complement is glitch-free. 

Also value knowing:

The cost of a 12-month extended Merc guaranty is an denote of a scale of a correct costs we competence design to face. Mercedes wants £4414 for a ‘One we found’ example. Go to mercedes-benzwarranty.co.uk

How most to spend: 

£16,500-£19,995 – Range of 2008-10 saloons and estates with mileages between 60k and 120k.

£20,000-£22,995 – Mainly 2009-11 cars, around 60k miles.

£23,000-£24,995 – First 2012-13 MCT cars, and low-mileage (circa 40k) 2008-11 cars. 

£25,000-£27,995 – More 2012-13 cars with around 55k miles, and coupes with 45k miles. 

£28,000-£29,995 – Lots of low-mileage 2012-14 cars, some entirely fitting categorical play stock. 

£30,000+ – Loads of late-plate cars during low mileages, 507-spec models from around £40k; Black Series from £80k.

One we found:

MERCEDES C63 AMG ESTATE, 2010/10, 76K MILES, £19,995: This estate has full Merc story (all by a same dealer) and only 3 former keepers in all. It’s a customary automobile on somewhat some-more forgiving 18in wheels.

John Evans

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