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Used automobile shopping guide: Hummer H2/H3

You could have a 113,000-mile 2006-reg Range Rover 4.2 V8 Vogue SE for £10,000.

But how about a 40,000-mile 2003-reg Hummer H2 6.0 V8 automobile for a same money? Once a chariot of choice for Premier League footballers though currently some-more expected to be a school-prom limo, a Hummer H2 is a Buzz Lightyear of SUVs: from defender of a star to Mrs Nesbitt.

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That’s a contrition since there’s a automobile of genuine piece here. Too large and thirsty? There’s a smaller H3 powered by a 3.5, after a 3.7, petrol engine. It’s some-more than efficient off highway too, being means to wade by dual feet of water, mount a 407mm step, yield adult a 60deg slip and span a 40deg slope. A 46,000-mile 2006-reg H3 3.5 converted to LPG could be yours for £13,495.

Of course, contend ‘Hummer’ and it’s a military-based original, famous as a Humvee, that in 1992 morphed into a Hummer H1, that everybody thinks of. It was powered by a accumulation of diesel engines via a life (production finished in 2006) and currently a 2001-reg H1 6.5 TD costs from around £40,000. But it’s an impassioned aged thing.

The H2 and H3 are some-more manageable. Saying that, a H2, launched in a US in 2002 with a 312bhp 6.0-litre V8 pushing all 4 wheels by a four-speed auto, is longer and aloft than a H1 but, crucially, lighter. Depending on spec, it can chair 6 or 7 people.

Built by AM General, it took height pity to a new level, being assembled from one GM framework during a front and another during a rear, a dual distant by a singular centre section. Despite weighing usually underneath 3 tonnes, it can do 0-62mph in a small over 10sec. In 2008, a H2 perceived a acquire facelift. The cabin was upgraded and a 6.0-litre engine became a 6.2, producing 388bhp, to give 0-62mph in 9.5sec.

Three years before, in 2005, a H3 had landed. Built by General Motors in a US and South Africa, it’s formed on a GM Canyon pickup and so is extremely shorter and lighter (it weighs closer to 2000kg) than a H2. Originally, it was powered by a 217bhp 3.5-litre straight-five, pushing a wheels by a four-speed automobile or a reduction renouned five-speed manual.

In 2007, this was transposed by a 3.7, building 239bhp.

Official imports of right-hand-drive H3s, type-approved for a UK, began in 2007. All others – left- offshoot H2s and H3s – compulsory singular automobile capitulation (SVA) to settle their UK conformity. Any automobile in receipt of a UK registration series should have been authorized though it’s value removing steer of a paperwork. Also check paperwork, including use receipts, for prior mileages.

Production of both models ceased in 2009. There are adequate H2s and H3s around to land a good ’un and nonetheless usually a H1 is expected to grasp something same to classical status, a sound H2 or H3 bought for essential income should reason a value. You can’t contend that about a Rangie.

How to get one in your garage: 

An expert’s perspective – NEIL MCDONALD, FOUNDER, PARTS US:

“We’re all ex-Bauer Millett here [the UK’s initial central Hummer supplier, formed in Manchester]. When a business sealed during a finish of 2014, we set adult Parts USA nearby Stockport. They were good days during BM. We sole loads of Hummers to footballers and celebrities. It was an easy sell. They’d sequence a car. Then they’d buy £6000 of accessories for it. They had to have a improved one than their mates. We supercharged a few: an additional 120bhp and 120lb ft was possible. The H2 and H3 still do it for me. You buy a Hummer for a looks and a perfect presence.”

Buyer beware…

ENGINE – H2’s 6.0 V8 is tough and simple. Around one in 10 UK cars was supercharged and a engine could mount it though infrequently a automobile gearbox couldn’t. Some early H3 3.5s had cylinder conduct issues. Valve seats could bake out. The usually correct repair is a new cylinder conduct with hardened valve seats. Oil changes each 10k miles/12 months, gold plugs each 100k.

TRANSMISSION – Early H2s’ four-speed automobile couldn’t hoop a car’s mass. The after six-speed automobile is most better. Some cars had a Adventure Pack (diff lock, high and low range). Check it all works.

RECALLS – Don’t omit a stream GM remember concerning intensity heater engine fires inspiring Hummers built from 2005 onwards. Some notices competence not have reached stream owners.

ELECTRICS – Check a lights work. Some messy importers competence have fouled them adult removing a automobile by a SVA test.

BODY – You competence see aspect gnawing of a underside, though it’s tough steel down there and shouldn’t go structural.

INTERIOR – Although they demeanour plasticky and a bit fragile, a switches and buttons tend not to container up.

PAPERWORK – Left-hand-drive Hummers indispensable SVA during import though strictly alien right- hand-drive H3s from 2007 were type- authorized for Europe. Check all a DVLA and SVA paperwork is present.

Also value meaningful Tyres can be wily to source. Parts USA gets them from a Europe-based retailer but, when that runs out, it has to go approach to a US, that adds cost and time. Replacement shouldn’t be too often: H2 tyres can do 50k miles.

How most to spend:

£10,000-£13,495 – Mix of cars, including a 40k-mile 03- reg H2 6.0 for £10,600, a 107k-mile 06-reg H3 3.7 for £11,999 and a 46k-mile 06-reg H3 3.5 for £13,495.

£13,500-£15,495 – More of a same, such as an early 82k-mile 05-reg H3 3.5 for £14,986.

£15,500- £19,995 – Later H3s, including a 36k-mile 07-reg 3.7 for £15,995, though also progressing H2s, such as a 49k-mile 04-reg for £16,995 and a 55k-mile 04-reg for £17,995.

MORE THAN £20,000 – A 71k-mile 05-reg H2 for £20,995, a 29k-mile 08-reg H3 for £22,995 and a 33k-mile 08-reg H2 for £26,000.

One we found:

HUMMER H2 (LPG), 2004/54, 55K MILES, £17,995 – Its £3000 LPG acclimatisation promises most reduced using costs. Recent £1500 use enclosed new plugs, and discs and pads. It comes with exhilarated seats, leather, air-con, cruise, reversing camera and sat-nav. DVLA-recorded.

John Evans

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