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Used automobile shopping guide: Fiat Coupe

When a review turns to destiny classics, a Fiat Coupé is frequency mentioned.

The supervision scrappage intrigue of 2009 wiped out many of them and prices for a integrate of thousand or so remaining were on a building around 5 years ago. Today, they start during about £1000 for runners though decent cars cluster around a £5000 mark. And afterwards there’s zero until we strech £10,000, where a best low-milers are to be found. The many costly late-plate versions can be as high as £20,000.

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We’re articulate 20-valve, customary and Turbo, though mostly Turbo, models, by a way. The strange 16-valve is roughly non-existent, due to not usually scrappage schemes though also a temperament as a spares donor for Lancia Delta Integrales.

It might not be everyone’s crater of tea, though if it’s yours, it’s a means for jubilee that we can get a decent, well-maintained 20v Turbo for as small as £2995 secretly or a good 1997/R-reg instance with 82,000 miles, full use story and dual prior owners from a good dealer. Those Chris Bangle-penned lines still demeanour uninformed and a full-length, colour-coded fascia frame continues to set a heart a-flutter.

It was launched in 1993 – in Brussels. Not a many portentous plcae though fad surrounding a new indication was so good that few cared. It arrived in a UK in 1995 powered by a choice of 2.0-litre 16-valve engines – naturally aspirated (135bhp) or turbocharged (190bhp). Power went to a front wheels by a five-speed primer gearbox, nonetheless on a Turbo also around a Viscodrive limited-slip diff.

Less than dual years later, a 16-valve engines gave approach to some-more absolute 20-valve units, again possibly naturally aspirated (143bhp) or turbocharged (214bhp). The naturally aspirated engine shortly perceived a shot in a arm with a further of a non-static intake complement (VIS) that increased energy to 150bhp.

Even so, with a 0-62mph time of 6.3sec, it was a Turbo (called VT) everybody wanted, afterwards as now. From 1998, Fiat launched a array of tweaked versions, starting with a VT LE (Limited Edition) sporting red Brembo front stop calipers, a bodykit, a push-button start, a strut prop and Recaro seats. The following year, a Plus was launched, looking really many like a LE though though a singular badge. Crucially, both versions had a six- speed gearbox. With a attainment of a VT6 in 1999, a six-speed gearbox became standard. That said, we might find a peculiar 1999-reg five-speed VT, a bequest of when dealers systematic for batch and cars hung about until sold.

Even a youngest Coupés are now 17 years aged and might feel a bit relaxed though a cessation modernise will lapse a automobile to a pointy and flexible self. The engines are really clever though check that a timing belt and H2O siphon changes have been finished on time. Find a good one for around £3500, delight it and watch a value rise.

How to get one in your garage: 

An expert’s perspective – JOHN CARTLIDGE, DIRECTOR, MIDLANDS CAR SERVICING: “I fell in adore with a Fiat Coupé a impulse we saw a new one on a automobile transporter. It was being delivered to a Fiat play where we worked as a mechanic. we now specialise in a model, offered and servicing them. Prices fell to an all-time low 5 years ago but, in a past 18 months, they’ve started picking up. You can get a decent automobile from as small £3000 though rarer versions such as a LE and Plus in packet condition authority distant aloft prices. For example, we have a really good 2001-reg 20v Turbo Plus in pearl white with 38,000 miles for £20,000.”

Buyer beware…

ENGINE – Camshaft wear is an emanate on16v engines so check a oil pressure. The Turbo is supportive to de-cat exhausts, over-boosting and messy cooling- down practice. Watch for smoking from cold and when idling. Check a 20v’s back coolant hose since it can let go though warning. Inspect a engine for leaks since a conduct gasket is so clever that it refuses to fail, causing problems elsewhere. Ensure a oil cooler siren isn’t corroded. Cambelt changes are each 35k miles on a 16v Turbo and 50k miles on 20v and should embody a H2O pump. Check for a burst empty manifold.

TRANSMISSION – Gearbox O-ring sign can fail, causing diff orientation to wear out.

STEERING, SUSPENSION AND BRAKES – Nose-heavy pattern strains a front wishbone bushes, while dampers trickle and springs crack. Listen for clonking from unwell strike stops, and loud back circle bearings.

ELECTRICS – Generally arguable though fan and heater resistor disaster is not unknown.

BODYWORK – The 16v wasn’t galvanised and a pillars and floorpan rotted out. The 20v was galvanised though a past integrate of years have shown decay rising on sills (earlier cars) and floorpans (later cars). Examine a foot building and front circle arches for rust. Boot seals decay and concede H2O in.

Also value knowing:

The supposed ‘coolant hose of death’ is behind a engine, nearby a bulkhead, and formidable to check. Trouble is, it can fail. Because of a heat sensor’s plcae in a cooling system, it doesn’t know disaster is imminent. The clamshell carp traps a evading steam, so all appears well. Replace a hose as a precaution.

How many to spend:

£1000-£1995 – A brew of sleepy plan and many mutated 16v and 20v cars.

£2000-£3995 – Sweeter cars, such as a right-hand- expostulate 1998-reg 20v Turbo import with full story and 75k miles for £2350.

£4000-£5500 – Tidier 20v Turbos with adult to 85k miles and good histories. The many engaging start during around £4750 from dealers.

£10,000-£12,995 – Mint, low-mileage cars, including a 26k-mile 2001-reg 20v Turbo Plus, start here.One we found:

FIAT COUPÉ 20V TURBO, 1998 R-REG, 98K MILES, £2995: Depending on your indicate of view, this automobile was possibly a strew in need of TLC – hence a new front reduce wishbone arms, new turbo, new back circle bearing, new brakes, new genuine Fiat empty complement and new tyres all turn – or a rejuvenated classical that contingency be snapped up.

John Evans 

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