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Twitter Fallout: Musk’s UAW Tweet Leaves Him Wide Open, Says ex-NLRB Head

Elon Musk + Tesla Model S Circa 2011

Each day brings new reasons since no one should ever rubbish their changed conceivable moments on Twitter, nonetheless many of us keep adult a practice. If we’re not seen doing things on amicable media, are we unequivocally alive? Are we unequivocally partial of complicated society?

Maybe that’s a contention best left for another time. Regardless, exhilarated back-and-forths on publicly manifest platforms have a approach of complicating one’s life, and a former National Labor Relations Board conduct claims Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s new tweetstorm could land him in prohibited water.

It’s no tip that Musk prefers his Fremont, California public plant to sojourn inexperienced by kinship representation. Increased labor costs, work stoppages due to labor transformation — a beancounter-type reasons for any automaker to equivocate a UAW are obvious. The CEO has done his perspective of a United Auto Workers flattering clear, generally in light of new organizing attempts and a ensuing fallout.

Still, it seems Musk felt it wasn’t transparent enough.

When asked about his perspective on unions around Twitter Monday, Musk replied, “Nothing interlude Tesla group during a automobile plant from voting union. Could do so tmrw if they wanted. But since compensate kinship impost give adult batch options for nothing? Our reserve record is 2X improved than when plant was UAW everybody already gets healthcare.”

He followed it adult with, “Also, UAW did nada for pursuit confidence in final recession. Dropped Fremont like a prohibited potato to strengthen their core bottom in Detroit. UAW *chose* to exit this plant before Tesla even arrived. We had zero to do with UAW leaving, though all to do with since people here have jobs.”

The Fremont plant was before home to General Motors, and after a UAW-represented GM-Toyota corner public plant, before GM’s failure left it in limbo. Tesla purchased it in 2010, though a brief partnership with Toyota went nowhere. The Japanese automaker sole off a final of a Tesla shares final year.

Shortly after Musk posted his reply, a UAW assimilated a online fray. The union replied with a integrate to a 2017 NLRB hearing.

The eyebrows lifted by that progressing twitter were numerous, with some observant it contained a potential hazard to inhibit workers from organizing. Wilma Liebman, former chair of a NLRB, told Bloomberg, “If we bluster to take divided advantages since people unionize, that’s an unmitigated defilement of a labor law.”

Musk would have been improved off claiming kinship negotiate could erode some of their benefits, she added.

It seems Musk didn’t need a recommendation to cover his ass. Yesterday afternoon, when asked by a Twitter user with “Champagne socialist” in his bio possibly he’d take divided advantages from unionized workers, Musk responsed:


A integrate of hours later, Musk challenged his questioner’s viewpoints, observant that maybe he should try only how most support a UAW has among Tesla’s workforce. “Let’s reason a opinion find out,” he tweeted.

[Image: Tesla]

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