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Toyota’s Supra Strip Tease Is Starting to Get Really Frustrating

It’s distinct that an automaker would wish to lengthen a phenomenon of a hotly expected model. After all, building torment is essential when selling a automobile that’s sparkling yet lacks extended appeal. This is since Dodge was so refined in a entrance of a Hellcat and Demon, parsing out usually adequate information to keep us fed though ever vouchsafing us get full.

By contrast, Toyota’s rough selling of a Supra started with as few sum as probable and has continued starving us of all suggestive information. That’s partly since a automobile is a sister automobile to a new BMW Z4 — and pity sum of one indication means giving divided a products on a other. Despite this, Magna Steyr (tasked with prolongation both vehicles) isn’t building dual matching models with opposite badges. The Supra’s arch engineer, Tetsuya Tada, describes a Supra as a pristine sports automobile where practicality and comfort are roughly not considered.

That sounds very exciting, so it was a service when we schooled a automobile will finally see illumination during a Goodwood Festival of Speed after this week. Unfortunately, Toyota simplified on Monday that a automobile we’ll see wouldn’t be a prolongation automobile and will sojourn wrapped in red camouflage. 

The unconstrained frame provoke Toyota’s conducting with a Supra is encroaching on infuriating. While we’ve seen a racing judgment and bombard to be used for NASCAR, we still know really small about a car. Is there something wrong with it, or have Toyota and BMW left full-blown Alphonse and Gaston and found themselves eternally watchful for a other celebration to go first?

“After you, Toyota.”

“No, we first, my dear BMW!”

In some ways, we’ve usually ourselves to censure for a benefaction frustration. It was rumored that a Z4 would be denounced before a Supra, creation a Goodwood recover a bit premature. But Toyota Europe pronounced it would be there. Any ensuing difficulty is totally understandable.

So, what accurately will a good people in assemblage be arcane to?

According to Toyota, there will be a camouflaged Supra antecedent using a festival’s mountain march a few times per day with Tetsuya Tada or Herwig Daenens behind a wheel. No prolongation model, no central specs, and substantially intensely singular open entrance to a vehicle. Attendees will, however, be means to get an close-up demeanour during a Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept — that we’ve already seen.

The prolongation automobile is ostensible to start smoothness in reduction than a year and a association has given us changed small to adhere to, notwithstanding years of hype. We’re supposed it’ll have a 3.0-liter inline 6 common with a BMW and a four-cylinder various for cash-strapped customers. But these are sum that have been cobbled together yet attention rumors, tidbits BMW let slip, and personification a odds.

All Toyota has pronounced is that a returning Supra would share its powertrain and height with a Z4 yet be theme to a own suspension, software, and tuning — ensuing in a some-more hardcore machine.

We wish we’re means to learn something about it over what it competence demeanour like in unchanging paint someday. But it’s usually removing increasingly formidable to care. You can usually hook a glossy intent in front of a faces for so prolonged before we remove seductiveness and, while we know a need for discretion, we need sum to fasten onto. Confirming that it will have a inline 6 and rear-wheel expostulate months after we put that together ourselves isn’t enough.

[Images: Toyota]

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