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Toyota’s Supra Joins NASCAR; Reveal Date Announced for Production Model

Toyota done it transparent it wants a returning Supra to have participation in motorsport when it denounced the GR Racing Concept in Mar of this year. However, formed on a looks, we insincere a indication was unfailing for a grand furloughed circuits.

While that still might be a case, Toyota recently announced that a Supra will make a approach to NASCAR in 2019. If you’re disturbed about a Camry, don’t be. The sedan will continue running in a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series while a Supra handles a Xfinity Series.

Even yet a NASCAR Supra is deputy of a prolongation model, a dual won’t share many parts. All batch cars are compulsory to run naturally aspirated, pushrod V8 engines — that a prolongation indication positively won’t have. But it shows Toyota is critical about a returning Supra creation a dash in a U.S.

The automaker no doubt hopes a selected adage “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” still rings true. 

“When we speak Toyota and cold cars, Supra is a initial thing that comes to mind for many automobile enthusiasts,” pronounced Ed Laukes, organisation clamp boss of Toyota’s domestic marketing. “Supra’s lapse in prolongation form is outrageous news, though now we’re also going to see this iconic sports automobile lapse to American motorsport. From a selling perspective, it’s critical to have a competition automobile that evokes a impetus and impression of a salon counterpart. We’re assured we’ve achieved that with Supra, and we wish racing fans a universe over will proudly hearten a success on track.”

Toyota worked with TRD (Toyota Racing Development) in Costa Mesa, California, and Calty Design Research, Inc. (Calty) in Newport Beach to rise a Supra fit for NASCAR. The twin has already seen success with a Camry, that took home a manufacturers’ championship prize in a Cup Series for a final dual years. While Toyota still has a prolonged approach to go before it can compare Chevrolet’s 39 altogether bureau wins in NASCAR, a code did conduct to finish Chevy’s thirteen-year streak.


“We’ve had extensive success operative with Calty to rise competition cars that compare a look, feel and fad of their salon counterparts,” pronounced David Wilson, boss of TRD, in a statement. “We’re assured Calty and TRD have grown another competition car, Supra, that is able of winning races and championships. For Supra to be racing in NASCAR only speaks to how critical this automobile is to us, and that we trust Supra can be a bona fide championship winner.”

We’ll know accurately how most a batch automobile chronicle looks like a prolongation indication subsequent week. On Thursday, Toyota Europe tweeted that a sports coupe’s central phenomenon would take place during a Goodwood Festival of Speed and enclosed a teaser shot of a indication dressed in some really attractive red camouflage. We’re as vehement as we are ill of waiting!

[Images: Toyota]

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