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Toyota’s Sports Coupe Ambition Doesn’t End With a Supra

At Toyota all eyes sojourn on a arriving Supra — a long-departed indication returning to a automotive landscape with some assistance from BMW. The Supra, however, isn’t accurately a sports automobile for a masses. No some-more so than a co-developed BMW Z4 is.

Once on a time, Toyota fielded a slew of fun, compress coupes that tickled opening itches serve down a income ladder. It’s something a automaker hasn’t forgotten, as a slow-selling though genuine 86 shows. The automaker wants some-more of those form of vehicles, apparently, and it could outcome in a lapse of another long-lost nameplate.

According to a Supra program’s partner arch engineer, Masayuki Kai, marketplace direct compelled a automaker to get a Supra behind into production. Once that 2019 indication bows, it’s on to a subsequent project. Well, potentially.

“We wish to have Celica back, we wish to have a MR2 back,” Kai told Road Track. “The biggest was Supra. Supra was series one, a biggest direct from a market,” he continued. Now that we’ve brought Supra back, what will come subsequent depends on a marketplace needs.”

Kai claims a destiny Toyota sports coupe competence mangle with a brand’s birthright and seem with an all-new name.

Given a intermediate direct for a low-priced 86, one wonders if marketplace direct for a coupe positioned between it and a Supra even exists. None of those intensity vehicles will exaggerate third-row seating and a lifted belligerent clearance, that seems to be a usually things American consumers direct in their lives. Even if direct does exists, creation a business box for a vehicle’s growth could infer difficult.

“Sports automobile are apropos some-more and some-more costly to develop,” Kai said. “So a singular association can't means to deposit in all a production for tools and components, since a volume of sports automobile is utterly small. A sports automobile requires a lot of specific components that we can't share with other cars. The cessation components we’re regulating on a Supra, we can’t use on a sedan like Camry or Corolla. And as we know, all a homologation issues are also removing some-more and some-more formidable and difficult.”

The usually solution, he claims, would be another partnership, only like a Supra/Z4 and 86 (nee FR-S)/BRZ.

Toyota dropped a lifeless seventh-generation Celica and mid-engined MR2, afterwards in a third generation, in a U.S. during a finish of a 2005 indication year, citing disappearing sales in a shrinking  market.

[Image: Toyota]

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