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Toyota’s 3-plant plan should palliate Tacoma, Tundra shortages, boost efficiency, give workers some relief

Toyota Tacoma direct squeezes Baja plant

TIJUANA, Mexico — Toyota de Mexico President Mike Bafan got a call during 5:30 a.m. from corporate domicile final summer informing him that a Corolla bureau his section was building in executive Mexico would have a most opposite purpose.

Instead of creation compress cars, a plant in Guanajuato would change to a Tacoma pickup that’s also fabricated in San Antonio and here in Baja California, where Bafan has his office.

Bafan was immediately on board. He saw even larger intensity for Guanajuato as a lorry plant.

“They said, ‘How is this going to change your whole devise now? Construction has already begun,’ ” Bafan removed in an talk final month. “I said, ‘Zilch.’ The approach we’ve designed that plant, we can usually keep building, and when I’m prepared to pierce in a equipment, it’ll be body-on-frame.”

The product change caused Toyota to cut a Guanajuato investment by 30 percent to $700 million and a annual ability by half to 100,000 vehicles, though that’s still adequate to be a vicious service valve for a automaker’s pickup operations, that have been stretched to a extent for years.

The Guanajuato plant, scheduled to open in about a year and a half, is a final square in a three-plant, two-country “truck triangle” that will boost prolongation of a segment-leading Tacoma and full-size Tundra while paving a approach for new products, Toyota executives said.

“The judgment of a triangle is one that allows us, in a unequivocally discerning and fit way, to implement fundamentally accurately a same supply bottom and have a coherence and lively to furnish what a business need from during slightest 3 opposite locations,” Bafan said.



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Relief valve

Beyond cost assets from retailer optimization, softened logistics and economies of scale, a total ability will take vigour off workers in San Antonio who have been putting in complicated overtime for a final 5 years and doing Saturday shifts for 3 years.

“The choice work change was never designed to be a long-term schedule,” pronounced Kevin Voelkel, comparison clamp boss for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, that has been creation about 260,000 Tacomas and Tundras per year in a plant designed for 200,000.

By a finish of 2018, Voelkel said, a plant expects to hindrance a weekend shifts “to give a group members some work-life balance.”

Bafan pronounced a Baja plant, that has some-more than doubled ability over a final 4 years and runs around a time during a week, also could dump one of a dual Saturday shifts.

Until a new plant comes online, Toyota needs any pickup it can make. U.S. sales of a Tacoma in a initial half of 2018 were adult 23 percent to usually over 116,000. Tundra sales were adult 4 percent to scarcely 56,000.

The further of Guanajuato also increases Toyota’s coherence by formulating ability for a destiny SUV, that Mexican media outlets have suggested will be a next-generation 4Runner or a specialty vehicle.

Bafan wouldn’t endorse any destiny products though pronounced a complicated prolongation plant such as Guanajuato should be means to make scarcely anything that Toyota executives ask for.

“I wish to see a demeanour on their face when they say, ‘Mike, we’ve motionless to go from lorry to car,’ or ‘We’ve come adult with this thingamajig. Can we do it down there?’ we wish to say, ‘Yes, we can do it.’ We can do anything.”

Bafan sees Mexico as a judicious bottom of operations for expanding Tacoma sales locally and maybe into South America, interjection to Mexico’s extended portfolio of tellurian trade agreements. Toyota’s sales generally have been rising in Latin America for years.

Tariff threat

But most of Toyota’s clever formulation is involved by U.S. President Donald Trump’s conflict on a North American Free Trade Agreement specifically, and a stream universe trade sequence in general, analysts say.

The Trump administration is questioning either to assign tariffs on all alien autos and automobile tools of adult to 25 percent in a name of inhabitant security, paralleling new tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Drastic moves by Trump, that could come before midterm elections in November, sojourn a furious label for all tellurian automakers, though carrying a half-built plant in Mexico could be generally cryptic for Toyota.

Toyota creatively announced a Guanajuato plant in 2015 during a cost of about $1 billion.

Previously, a automaker’s prolongation footprint in Mexico had been singular to a Baja plant, that started as a pickup-bed retailer in 2004. Toyota rivals such as General Motors and Nissan Motor Co. have a prolonged story south of a border, and even newcomers such as Honda Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. now have some-more ability in Mexico than Toyota.

Eleven months ago, Toyota’s North American CEO, Jim Lentz, announced that Corollas would be fabricated by a corner try with Mazda Motor Corp. in a U.S. — a companies have given picked Huntsville, Ala., as a site of a $1.6 billion plant — and Guanajuato would get a Tacoma.

The preference was greeted with doubt in Mexico. Local media speculated that Toyota competence kill a Guanajuato plant underneath curse critique from Trump.

Ford Motor Co. canceled a circuitously automobile plant in a early stages of construction usually before Trump took bureau in Jan 2017 after he frequently pounded a automaker while campaigning. Ford pronounced a about-face was partial of a broader business decision.

A $700 million plant in executive Mexico is a final square in a devise to boost prolongation of a segment-leading Tacoma and full-size Tundra. The total ability will take vigour off workers in San Antonio and Tijuana who have been putting in complicated overtime for years.

Click on a plant plcae for some-more information.

Tijuana plant San Antonio plant Guanajuato plant

*Once Guanajuato is online, Toyota expects all 3 plants to sell workers and yield assistance during indication updates.       Source: Toyota

A diversion of chicken

More recently, talks to renegotiate NAFTA have bogged down, and one of a biggest threats to a Mexican automobile attention though a agreement is a U.S. duck taxation on alien pickups and load vehicles. NAFTA protects Mexico and Canada from being charged a 25 percent tariff.

Thus, convention pickups in Guanajuato has unexpected turn a unsure tender for Toyota.

“There are usually dual options to make that automobile viable there,” pronounced Bernard Swiecki, an researcher during a Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich. “Either a unequivocally assertive tariffs don’t come to pass, or if they do, they are not in place for all that long. Otherwise, we remove a business box behind that decision.”

Swiecki pronounced Toyota is not alone when it comes to bearing from Trump’s trade threats.

GM builds about 400,000 full-size pickups in Silao, another city in a state of Guanajuato, and Chevrolet is still relocating brazen with skeleton to make a arriving Blazer crossover during a plant in northern Mexico.

Across a board, a intensity risk for a capital-intensive, risk-averse automobile attention is “off a charts,” Swiecki said, though automakers have small choice though to continue executing their long-term business plans.

“You can't build a plant formed on a business box a year or dual down a road,” he pronounced in an interview. “Automakers design plants to be partial of their portfolio for decades going forward, that means it’s going to endure mixed administrations in a U.S. and in Mexico.”

So far, Toyota has not corroborated off from a Mexican investments. It spent $150 million to enhance ability during a Baja plant final year, and Lentz told Automotive News in May that Toyota’s fasten to a Guanajuato plant has never wavered.

Cross-border logistics

Construction in Guanajuato is about half complete, and a plant is on lane to open in late 2019 or early 2020, Lentz said. The factory’s linkage with a dual kin plants solves a problem that Toyota North America has struggled with for years: shortages of pickups, generally a Tacoma, when direct is strong, he added.

“We’re never going to have a scale that Ford or Chevrolet has on full-size pickups,” Lentz said. But with a Tacoma and Tundra combined, “we’re going to pierce from a 350,000 operation to about 500,000, that could be and or reduction formed on overtime. we consider that’s substantially a good series for us.”

Bafan pronounced Guanajuato creates a judicious further to a tighten attribute enjoyed by Baja and San Antonio. Baja gets hammered steel tools and seats from Texas, and a few internal Mexican suppliers send smaller equipment to San Antonio.

Toyota is still operative out a retailer logistics for Guanajuato, though a plcae along a rail line to Texas means automobile tools are approaching to upsurge behind and forth, Bafan said.

“The good thing is a suppliers are gripping adult with us,” pronounced Bafan, who worked for 22 years during GM before fasten Toyota in 2006. “We have roughly 240 suppliers, and we share during slightest 90 percent of those with San Antonio.”

The Guanajuato plant will have a dozen suppliers on-site initially. Down a road, there could be cost assets from sourcing some-more tools from executive Mexico for a triangle plants.

“If we see in terms of both cost and peculiarity it is fitting to use a new retailer for all of us, we’ll do it,” Bafan said. “But during this point, we are going with a categorical suppliers that supply us today.”

Perhaps usually as critical to Toyota’s prolongation culture, a 3 plants will frequently sell workers, share best practices and assistance one another during indication updates.

“It’s a two-hour triangle,” Bafan said, referring to visit flights joining a plants. “In dual hours, we can be anywhere. we can be in Texas or Guanajuato or in Baja. When you’re looking during leveraging any other’s knowledge, it’s a good opportunity.”

Toyota Tacoma direct squeezes Baja plant

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