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Toyota Supra Race Car First Look: Slowly Rolling out a Supra

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After some-more than a decade of competing opposite Chevrolet and Ford in NASCAR series, Toyota is introducing a new model. The Toyota Supra Race Car for a NASCAR Xfinity Series will start competing subsequent deteriorate in what is famous as a “feeder” array for NASCAR. “Camry is a right automobile for a top racing crater series, and we don’t have any skeleton to change that,” pronounced David Wilson, a boss and ubiquitous manager of Toyota Racing Development (TRD). “Supra is an iconic code that has a sincerely abounding story within a company, and we suspicion that Xfinity would be a ideal place [to competition it].”

When Toyota raced a Camry for a initial time in a NASCAR Cup Series in 2007, it did so with a purpose of display fans a “Americanization” of a brand. Even yet it seemed like a Camry didn’t fit with a sport, currently 61 percent of NASCAR fans support a brand’s participation—a array that keeps flourishing each year. See a NASCAR Camry here.

For a closer demeanour during a Supra Race Car, we trafficked to Charleston, North Carolina, where we collected around a automobile inside a breeze tunnel. It’s radically a competition automobile with a plaque on it, though we’re warned that some of a pattern cues came true from a prolongation car. Kevin Hunter, boss of Calty Design Research, is obliged for a extraneous styling. Although Hunter knows we have to be artistic to see a genuine prolongation Supra dark underneath a competition car, he’s gratified with how a pattern was completed. “We’re unequivocally happy with a approach it came out,” Hunter pronounced as he was display his many new work. Andy Graves, TRD’s organisation clamp boss and technical director, added, “We attempted to keep as most of a production-based characteristics as possible.”

You have to use your imagination to see a few elements from a prolongation car. For example, a shapes of a headlights impersonate a ones on a prolongation car; they come from a GR Supra Racing judgment shown progressing this year during a Geneva Motor Show. The front splitter with a 3 apart grilles will be partial of a face of a prolongation car, though we’re told some-more assertive atmosphere vents will reinstate a tiny openings on a front fascia. On a back, a taillights and behind diffuser will be unequivocally identical to a ones we see here, though a smaller spoiler trustworthy to a tailgate will reinstate a outrageous wing from a crater car. The form of a competition automobile doesn’t lift any prolongation cues, and we have to demeanour during a FT-1 judgment for some hints on a sides.


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Although a pattern of a prolongation Supra took place in a studio outward a United States, Toyota’s Calty studio is obliged for formulating both, a Supra Race Car and a FT-1 judgment automobile shown during a 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. When we initial reported on a FT-1 a few years ago, we remarkable a racing fingerprints on a judgment car.

“All of a cars that we’re operative on for NASCAR are cars that were generated out of a pattern studio,” pronounced Hunter. “So we try to get a operative that worked on that prolongation automobile to work on this [NASCAR]. We’re fundamentally holding a prolongation automobile and perplexing to re-proportion it, and jam it into this packaging, though gripping a identity,” he added.

Getting a right aerodynamics was essential for Toyota. The growth and pattern teams worked palm in hand, creation many adjustments to get a aero correct. “The locate round that we have is attack a aero properly,” Hunter said. “We mutated it over and over again, and Andy’s group would take it to a breeze tunnel, exam it, try some things, and afterwards come behind to us [to cgange it]. Graves combined that since of a successful attribute between Calty and TRD, a crater automobile was fast incited around. “This plan took a small underneath a year. Our early crater cars would take a year, and a 2018 Camry took a year and a half,” pronounced Graves.

A pivotal disproportion between a Supra Race Car and other Toyota crater cars from a past is that Graves and his group had entrance to a Supra engineering group in Japan. Given Toyota’s new success in NASCAR and a significance that a competition plays for a brand, Grave’s growth group had discussions with Supra’s prolongation group in Japan before they started work on a competition car. Graves remarkable that Tetsuya Tada, arch operative for a Supra, was also meddlesome in a enlightenment and bargain a NASCAR series. “That was a unequivocally good perk,” Graves added.

Tada-san’s prophesy of Supra goes distant over a prolongation car. It’s a sports automobile with a abounding story in America and around a world, and given Akio Toyoda’s pull for a “Fun to Drive Again” slogan, there was reason to competition a Supra. “It’s about holding one of a iconic brands that’s been compared with Toyota for decades and holding it to a racetrack and carrying fun with it,” pronounced Wilson. He combined that Tada-san attended a array of NASCAR races and schooled about a sport. “It’s a good event for Supra, to move it behind to life,” Wilson said.

There are no skeleton to competition a Supra in other array outward of NASCAR, though given Toyota’s pull for a sports automobile and a rendezvous with fans around a world, we’re certain we’ll be saying another form of Supra competition automobile in a future. “Racing is great, though it’s unequivocally what we’re going to do off a lane to move Supra serve down a road,” Wilson noted.

Although Toyota skeleton to uncover a prolongation Supra in a initial half of subsequent year, a association has announced that it will be built alongside a BMW Z4, a automobile that shares copiousness of pieces with a Supra; both prolongation cars will be built by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria.

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