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Toyota Says Supra Development Team Stopped Talking to BMW Years Ago, Hasn’t Ruled Out Manual

Shrouded in privacy and driven by hype, a subsequent Toyota Supra has been a tough bulb to crack. However, a co-development with a BMW Z4 left us meditative we’d shortly have a conditions same to the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.

In this case, it probable that job a cars “jointly developed” competence not be wholly fair. While they share a lot of a same hardware and will be fabricated during a same Magna Steyr bureau in Graz, Austria, growth teams severed their ties in 2014 after substantiating a required hardpoints. Since then, they’ve adding their possess tip spices to safeguard a singular flavor.

Think duck à la aristocrat and duck korma in a best-case scenario, or chicken parmesan and chicken parmesan with a small some-more salsa in a worst. 

According to an talk with CNET, Supra module partner arch operative Masayuki Kai reliable his group hasn’t oral with BMW in several years.

“We concluded on a packaging,” Kai explained, “like where is a hip-point of a driver, what’s a wheelbase, a width, where’s a fuel tank, where’s a A-pillar, this was around a center of 2014 … After that we totally distant a team. After that, no communication with any other.”

That still leaves a dual cars with a lot in common, though it competence be reduction conspicuous from a driver’s seat. Toyota’s Supra is pronounced to have unique suspension tuning, stifle response, and change points. The changed few people who have driven both a Z4 and stream Supra antecedent seem to consider a Toyota is a reduction plush though some-more critical appurtenance for aggressive a highway course. But we’re watchful to hear some-more about a Japanese automaker’s changes to a agreed-upon package. Apparently, so is Toyota.

“Basically, a height is a same … so we assume that we are regulating a same components, though as we mentioned, we are not certain that they will use a same components,” Kai explained.

Supposing we’re peaceful to swallow that in a entirety, afterwards a dual cars should demeanour and act differently. But a fact stays that Toyota is still borrowing heavily from BMW to build a new Supra. Kai could simply be perplexing to remonstrate destiny business that his automobile is some-more than only a Z4 wearing a opposite outfit. Likewise, both cars should possess tractable pushing modes that will emanate some critical overlap. That competence extent any distinct differences in dynamics to any vehicle’s softest and hardest settings.

Officially, all Toyota has pronounced about a Supra is that it will use a 3.0-liter single-turbo powerplant able of over 300 horsepower and a zero-to-60 time of reduction than 5 seconds. A ZF eight-speed with a torque converter is a designed transmission, though Toyota could chuck us a curveball before launch (doubtful). It also competence deliver a primer variant, notwithstanding progressing claims that no such car would be offered.

Mr. Kai has pronounced Toyota hasn’t motionless what to do about delivery options and competence wait to consider marketplace feedback before diving into anything. However, we do know a automaker has during slightest grown and tested a primer indication for right-hand-drive markets. We only don’t know if Toyota has any goal of offered it or doing one adult for left-hand expostulate regions.

[Image: Toyota]

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