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Toyota looks to float softened car-truck mix

DALLAS — Toyota’s double-digit sales burst in Jan is not tolerable over a prolonged term, though it does symbol a trend toward a heavier brew of light trucks that will boost a code in a entrance year, executives say.

The automaker is finally saying a register improved simulate U.S. tastes toward crossovers, pickups and SUVs and divided from a essential sedans that done it an American favorite.

“I consider a primary reason for such a clever Jan and such a clever start is identical to what it was in December: Our prolongation and register is entrance some-more in line with a whole industry,” Jack Hollis, Toyota ubiquitous manager, told Automotive News. “Do we consider it’s tolerable during 14.5 percent marketplace share and 17 percent year-on-year expansion each month? No,” he said.

Over a past 4 months, U.S. buyers have been trending toward light trucks over cars during about a 64-36 percent split, though Toyota’s brew was closer to 58-42, Hollis said.

In January, a code burst a 60 percent symbol for light-truck sales, and that continues to improve. “As we see that, we are gaining some-more of what a attention is selling,” he said. The RAV4 was a nation’s best-selling crossover final year, eclipsed usually by pickup trucks.

Lexus’ sales brew has strike about 70 percent light trucks on improving inventory, pronounced Jeff Bracken, ubiquitous manager for a brand.

Both Toyota and Lexus posted record deliveries of light trucks in January, with a Toyota Tacoma pickup surging 34 percent and a Lexus NX crossover adult 42 percent compared with Jan 2017.



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