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Toyota Drove a New Supra Around Goodwood, Did We Learn Anything?

While a returning Toyota Supra should be large news, a unconstrained march of teasers yet any genuine information has left everybody feeling burnt out. We formerly announced that a automobile would entrance during the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week. But Toyota after simplified that a automobile we would see wouldn’t be a prolongation chronicle and sojourn camouflaged, ensuing in rage-induced nose bleeds during automotive-media outlets opposite a globe.

Our expectations couldn’t be reduce yet we still had to check and see if any new information could be gleaned from a event. We really got a improved demeanour during it yet technical specifications remained elusive. We did learn a thing or two, though.

Seeing a Supra in a A90 deception still doesn’t give us a transparent design of what a prolongation section competence demeanour like. However examination it focus on a lane did give us some new angles. The automobile is curvier than pervious still images would have we trust and it seems to steal some-more from the A80 than primarily thought. Although, it is really not a reversion vehicle.

Toyota already reliable a automobile would use a inline-six, that we already knew given it’d be pity it with BMW. But commentators remarkable a outlay figures, assumedly formed on a specs given by a manufacturer. While still estimates, they claimed roughly 340 horsepower and a quell weight of around 3,300 lbs — Nissan 370Z territory.

Those numbers also matched unverified leaks from Toyota’s home office. Back in February, rumors emerged that a new Supra’s 3.0-liter straight-six would make 335 hp and a automobile would import 3,284 pounds.

The commentators remarkable “that is typical sports automobile things these days,” that we are prone to determine with. It’s positively not awful and it should outcome in an impossibly fun package, if Toyota’s cessation claims are to be believed. But it’s also not a vital jump foreword over a predecessor.


[Images: Toyota]

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