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Toyota Aygo 2018 review

Despite changes to a Aygo’s powerplant, including a new twin fuel injector complement for a cylinder head, a incomparable empty pier and a revised explosion cover shape, a small Aygo feels only as brief on opening as it always has.

Its miniscule torque pot aren’t accurately what you’d call accessible, requiring a good understanding of revs in sequence to grasp brazen motion. Once you’ve started rolling, acceleration is sincerely meagre, too, with a scurry — if we can unequivocally call it that — from 0-62mph holding a dull 13.8sec. The rorty three-cylinder thrum remains; this can be sincerely endearing when you’re only production about town, though when we unequivocally bury a stifle and rev it out it becomes counterfeit and overly vocal.

Out on a motorway, a Aygo’s miss of opening becomes increasingly prevalent. Admittedly, this isn’t your customary city automobile comfort zone, though accelerating on to motorway trip roads is a difficult task, while any thoughts of behaving in-gear overtaking manoeuvres should be arrested immediately. At speed, a engine creates a participation known, melding in with a abounding tyre bark and breeze noise. It’s not utterly a cacophony, though it’s adequate to give a sense that a long-distance expostulate would shortly turn tiresome.

Place a Aygo behind in a inner-city comfort zone and things turn distant some-more promising. The controls are mostly light and easy to manage, nonetheless a conspicuous brief transport of a purchase pedal might take some removing used to. The five-speed primer delivery can feel a bit rubbery and imprecise, too. Still, a steering is easily weighted and approach enough, and although it’s not packed with feel, it allows we to place a Aygo on a highway confidently.

The suspension, comprising MacPherson struts during a front and a torsion lamp during a rear, does a good pursuit of gripping straight physique transport in check, nonetheless a Aygo’s sincerely tall, slab-sided figure does means a conspicuous volume of physique hurl by faster bends. The float is mostly supple, nonetheless pockmarked surfaces can be a hold jarring.

With a 2018 update, Toyota has also done an bid to urge a Aygo’s customary specification. The many important further is a new 7.0in touchscreen infotainment complement — standard on X-Play models and above — that includes a DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and a rear-view camera. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and satellite navigation are available, depending on indication variant.

We’d advise opting for Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility, given these handling systems are distant some-more user-friendly than a program that facilities as standard.

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