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Toyoda Gosei stalks a new universe of products

KIYOSU, Japan — The tools that Toyota Group retailer Toyoda Gosei Co. is best famous for — cosmetic moldings, sealing strips, stop hoses and creosote interior tools — are frequency a high-tech things of destiny technology. But a Japanese hulk says it will not be sidelined in a entrance epoch of unconstrained pushing and electrification.

Toyoda Gosei President Naoki Miyazaki says those attention changes benefaction opportunities, even for a comparatively low-tech supplier. His plan? Branch out into new products.

Miyazaki is targeting such next-generation technologies as sensor-compatible physique paneling, modernized airbags and lightweight creosote parts.

The association even sees intensity in a expansion of a stream products, such as weatherstripping.

“Some people contend Toyoda Gosei has zero to do with foundation or unconstrained pushing since we are a creosote and rubber supplier,” Miyazaki pronounced in an talk during his tellurian domicile outward Nagoya.

“We consider foundation and unconstrained pushing benefaction an event for us,” he said. “Most carmakers are really bustling with rd into foundation and unconstrained driving. But they don’t have adequate resources. They are meditative of delegating certain areas to suppliers.”

Toyoda Gosei has begun building new radiator grilles and front fascia physique panels that accommodate bundles of sensors that will go into next-generation reserve systems.



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“An array of sensors, lasers and cameras will be compulsory for unconstrained pushing in a future,” Miyazaki said. “If we can confederate sensors into these areas, such as a grille, we can boost a value of these parts.”

Toyoda Gosei is also a vital retailer of airbags, another area developed for change.

While today’s drivers are reputed to be belted in behind a circle and confronting forward, passengers in tomorrow’s driverless cars competence pivot around, recline or even face backward.

“Maybe a plcae of a airbag will change, and maybe a speed of deployment will change,” Miyazaki said.

One idea is to delayed a deployment speed of airbags so they decorate a occupants in a some-more cushiony approach rather than discharging with potentially dangerous force.

The association deepened a airbag business in May by exchanging cranky shareholdings with Japanese airbag inflator builder Daicel Corp.

Toyoda Gosei is also researching ways to strengthen people outward a vehicle.

At this fall’s Tokyo Motor Show, a Japanese retailer showed a padded immature judgment car called a Flesby II, that uses a soothing rubber skin instead of tough piece steel on a outward to alleviate impact in walking collisions. The supposed e-rubber skin can also promulgate with pedestrians by embedded LED lights that peep warnings.

Toyoda Gosei is looking during ways to rise cockpits for self-driving cars. Another Tokyo uncover judgment had a foldaway steering circle and a human-machine interface that can guard a driver’s condition with cameras and sensors.

Miyazaki says it is increasingly critical to offer such products finished as systems rather than as particular parts, generally as a retailer seeks business over a Toyota Group, that accounts for about 67 percent of Toyoda Gosei’s tellurian sales.

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