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This Japanese association is building Miata-based mini-Corvette clones

The Japanese association famous (or infamous, depending on how we demeanour during it) for origination smaller versions of oppulance and sports cars out of Kei cars is behind with a new creation, an MX-5 ND that looks like a 1963 by 1967 C2 Chevrolet Corvette.

Mitsuoka calls it a “Rock Star,” and it outlines a brand’s initial time rebellious an American pattern homage. We have to say, it indeed looks kinda cool.

There are usually going to be 50 Rock Stars made, and that’s to tumble in line with a company’s 50th anniversary – yes, Mitsuoka has been around given 1968 – and join a lineup of dual other cars expelled this year, a Himiko, that is a Jaguar Roadster-lookin’ thing; and a chronicle of a Orochi that appears to be a partnership with an anime called Devilman.

You can have your Rock Star in 6 all-American flavours: Los Angeles Blue, Chicago Red, New York Black, (San Fran)Cisco Orange, Washington White, and Arizona Yellow. Other than a physique and a paint, it’s flattering most a batch ND Miata, and shares all a same specs including a naturally aspirated four-cylinder and a six-speed primer transmission.

mitsuoka 2 This Japanese association is building Miata formed mini Corvette clones

The Mazda MX-5-based Mitsuoka Rock Star

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For 4,688,200 yen, or about $54,000 Canadian, a Rock Star indeed comes frighteningly tighten to a cost of a genuine Corvette, so we’re not certain if it’s value it. But if your mantra is “dare to be different” and goals are origination people contend “what a f***” afterwards this competence be a automobile for you.

Keep us posted if we get one and opt for a Flyin’ Miata V8 swap.

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