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This Air Force Spoof On MTV Cribs Offers A Great Tour Of The C-5 Galaxy

The C-5 is intensely formidable and costly to say and operate, even after it perceived a vital upgrade, including new engines, in a form of a C-5M. But a capabilities are irreplaceable for a USAF. You can review all about what it is like to fly a C-5 from a pilot’s viewpoint in this prior special underline of mine. 

Just one anecdotal personal knowledge we had with a C-5 that captures a singular complicated lifting abilities—a USAF Special Tactics squadron was loading adult on a C-5 to conduct to Hawaii for some endless training. we asked a officer that was overseeing a operation if they were happy to get a C-5 for a trip. He pronounced that they were elated, with a disproportion being that instead of dual or even only one C-17s, where they would have to repack adult all their rigging in pallets and afterwards empty all once there, while also carrying to acquire vehicles to draw their boats and to get around during their destination, a C-5 allows them to only bucket adult their trucks with their trailers full of rigging attached. Once during their destination, they simply hurl off in their possess vehicles and get right to work! 

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