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Third Generation Formula E Cars May Have 670 Horsepower

We have nonetheless to see a second era of Formula E cars race, though a sport’s organizers have their eyes on a horizon, focused on a sport’s third era of cars, that might come as shortly as 2020.

Toto Wolff, a conduct of Mercedes’s Formula 1 and Formula E programs, suggested these reported specifications in an talk with Welt, where he discussed a destiny of Mercedes’ motorsport programs, and a growth arena of Formula E.

“What fascinates me about Formula E is not what it is today, though what will be a day after tomorrow,” settled Wolff to Welt. “Starting in a 2018-19 season, we’re going into a era dual automobile with a automobile that is many some-more appealing than a stream one, where a motorist still has to change a automobile since a battery is not adequate for a whole race. With era 3 in 2020-21 could come four-wheel drive, presumably 450 to 500 kilowatts. That’s what fascinates me.”

500 kilowatts is roughly homogeneous to 670 horsepower. The arriving second-generation Formula E automobile will lay down rise energy of adult to 250 kilowatts in qualifying, and 200 kilowatts in a race, or about 335 horsepower in qualifying, and 268 during competition spec. 

It is speculated that a new automobile can surpass 300 kph (186 mph) in a straights. This energy outlay surpasses that of first-generation Formula E cars by a poignant margin, that can usually compare a arriving car’s 200 kilowatt competition outlay in qualifying, and races with 150 kilowatts (201 horsepower).

Power increases could supplement a covering of makeup to Formula E’s lure to fans, that is upstaged by that of normal open-wheel racing array such as Formula 1 and Indycar. Sound, however, might during no indicate be comparable, with many of a sound done by Formula E cars entrance from a fussy of transmissions’ straight-cut gears. 

When a faster second-generation cars entrance in a arriving 2018-2019 deteriorate of Formula E, a sum of 7 vital general automakers will margin bureau entries. Nissan, DS, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes will all have a participation in Formula E subsequent season. 

Mercedes is so heavily invested in a array that it has cancelled a long-running DTM module in preference of Formula E, that will be upheld by a brand’s successes in Formula 1 for a past 4 seasons. Should Mercedes’ Formula E module be a fragment as successful as a Formula 1 venture, we might see another biased racing series.

The Drive reached out to Mercedes about a third era Formula E automobile specs and will refurbish when we hear back.

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