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The VW Beetle could come behind as a four-door EV

Volkswagen executives are reportedly mulling over a new chronicle of a Beetle formed on their MEB electric automobile platform, according to rumours from Autocar.

That would spin a Beetle into a rear-wheel-drive automobile again, like a original, though also a battery-powered vehicle, that it’s never been before. The new automobile would also pierce to a four-door blueprint as against to a two-door, a rumours suggest.

Fueling a rumours are statements from VW arch Herbert Diess observant he wants a automaker to spin out some-more “emotional” models, like a Microbus-inspired I.D. Buzz presumably due out 2022.

The plan, according to VW pattern conduct Klaus Bischoff, is to initial holder out some some-more volume-production EV models initial before branch to those niche segments, so that a engineers can file in on a record instead of worrying about a styling or other complications.

“The Beetle of currently is a really appealing two-door coupé or convertible, though it is singular in a volume of cars that it can sell since it’s a niche,” Bischoff told Autocar.

“If we demeanour during a MEB [platform], a shortest wheelbase [possible] is a ID [hatchback],” he explained, referencing a company’s electric compress due out 2019. “If we took that and did a Beetle on it, we have copiousness of room so there’s no concede in functionality any more. So it could be a really appealing car.”

Bischoff says he already has drawings of a four-door EV Beetle he’s looking at, though pronounced a preference either or not to build a thing is still dual or 3 years off.

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