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The warn medical conditions we didn’t know we had to tell a DVLA about – and you’re risking a £1,000 fine

ARE we using a risk of a £1,000 excellent since of an existent medical condition?

Around a million drivers are estimated to be on a highway with a condition they haven’t flagged to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).


Failing to tell a DVLA about a medical condition can see we fined £1,000

The DVLA says we contingency tell them if you’re pang with any of a “notifiable” conditions on a list.

And a list doesn’t usually run to a few elementary things, it’s an endless A to Z of diseases, syndromes and conditions.

Everything from diabetes to basin and blood vigour to strokes is included.

Failing to news to a DVLA could net we a £1,000 excellent and nullify your word – and if we have a pile-up even lead to prosecution.


If your alloy tells we to stop pushing for 3 months we contingency give adult your licence

Some of a conditions will lead to evident looseness revocation, for instance eye steer problems or seizures.

However, others meant you’ll usually have a looseness taken divided if a alloy deems that it affects your driving.

You have to give your looseness adult if your alloy tells we to stop pushing for 3 months – mostly after an operation.

Recent law changes now concede doctors to “tell” on drivers to a DVLA if they consider they’re ignoring medical recommendation and still driving.

But it’s during contingency with a ethics that contend what we plead with a GP is confidential.

Other motorists can also news drivers confidentially if they trust they’re flouting medical manners and stability to drive.

One of a biggest problems is eyesight deteriorating with age.

Drivers are now reminded to have an eye exam when they replenish their photocard each 10 years though there’s still no authorised requirement to have one after we primarily review that series image in your test.

This means a 17-year- aged might continue behind a circle for a rest of their life with no serve checks.

Seven people were killed and 63 severely harmed in accidents on UK roads in 2016 when “uncorrected, poor eyesight” was a contributory factor, information shows.

Coughs and hayfever can even means problems with medicines inspiring vision, conference and greeting times.

Over-the-counter remedy is lonesome underneath a same law as heroin and cannabis that prohibits pushing with drugs in your physique if they deteriorate your ability.


Doctors are now means to “tell” on patients – though it breaches remoteness ethics

Part of a reason drivers are demure to give adult their looseness is a problem in removing it back.

It has taken some drivers years to have a looseness returned after a alloy has told them they’re protected to drive.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart executive of process and research, said:“Drivers should not be fearful to keep DVLA sensitive about their medical conditions.

“Far improved to be open than to risk a excellent or nullify your insurance. Almost 90 per cent of those who have told DVLA get their permit behind when it is protected for them to expostulate again.

“DVLA have been delayed to understanding with cases in a past though are recruiting some-more doctors and nurses to understanding with a ever augmenting effort caused by the ageing population.

“Drivers would also advantage from clearer information and some-more assistance from their GP.

“Many doctors usually accept minimal training in pushing associated health issues. This has to change if we are to keep some-more comparison people mobile for as prolonged as possible.”

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