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The Mitsuoka Himiko is a best Morgan-styled Miata we can buy

Miata owners: Do we wish that your reliable steed looked a small some-more like a Morgan Aero 8 and had a many longer wheelbase? If we live in Japan or a U.K., you’ll shortly be means to make this … dream a reality: Mitsuoka starts offering a next-generation Himiko subsequent month, directed during those who wish these accurate changes to a batch Miata.

Mitsuoka, of course, is a boutique Japanese manufacturer famous for branch complicated vehicles into complicated vehicles with a front fascias of general 1950s cars that kind of remind we of some famous cars from a hundred yards away, like a aforementioned Morgan Aero 8. The automaker has seen no necessity of business from those who cite their Miatas (as good as Nissan Micras and Teanas) to demeanour a small some-more vintage, though in a Disneyland float arrange of way.

The newest Himiko follows adult on a previous-gen Miata-based model, though a motorist and newcomer doors, in further to a windshield and A-pillar, are a many manifest Miata tools that give divided a start of a car. Front and back, there is copiousness of new sheetmetal, including a dull back fascia, dull fenders and using play that we wouldn’t suggest indeed stepping on. Not all of a bodywork and tools are custom. If a headlights somehow demeanour familiar, there’s a reason: They’re from a current-generation Mini Cooper. The biggest change, in terms of engineering, is a wheelbase stretched by 26.2 inches, with all of that length combined forward of a A-pillar to buy a Himiko a longer hood. That additional length comes with a cost of about 300 additional pounds of weight and worse aerodynamics.

Mitsuoka Himiko interior

Mitsuoka has kept a interior mostly original, save for retrimmed seats and dash. Photo by Mitsuoka

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The engine and gearbox stay a same — Mitsuoka hasn’t dialed down a opening to 1950s levels to go along with a look. The changes inside are flattering minimal and mostly volume to an Alcantara retrim of a apportionment of a lurch and a new steering core top with a Mitsuoka logo. This means Himiko buyers can still suffer a complicated infotainment system, finish with a dash-mounted screen.

Given how well-balanced a stream Miata and its Fiat 124 Spider twin are, we’re kind of meddlesome to find out what a inexhaustible widen of a wheelbase has finished to a doing — and what all that bodywork adult front has finished to a aerodynamics. It’s one thing to totally restyle a front half of a automobile and expostulate around town, posing for pictures, though it’s another to theme that bodywork to highway speeds.

Don’t worry: There is no risk of a Himiko being offering in a States. The closest Mitsuoka play is in a U.K.

Mitsuoka Orochi: Boutique builder finds select niche

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Jay Ramey

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