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The Marines Have Finally Received Their First Monster CH-53K King Stallion Helicopter

The Marines are heavily invested in a CH-53K, carrying dynamic years ago that it was vicious to reinstate a comparison E models. The King Stallion has a same earthy footprint as a Super Stallion, though is significantly some-more means and facilities a potion cockpit and fly-by-wire record to serve urge opening and revoke commander workload. The 3 General Electric T408 turbines yield approximately 50 percent some-more energy to expostulate an all-new delivery and a rotor public with improved, some-more fit blades. 

This allows a CH-53K to strech a limit speed of around 230 miles per hour and have a maximum, sum takeoff weight of around 85,000 pounds. It can lift outmost loads adult to 27,000 pounds opposite distances of some-more than 100 miles. The CH-53K has increasing inner volume, as well, to improved hoop oversized load and tiny vehicles. 

“It gets a Marine and naval force off a amphibious ships or wherever we are in a demeanour that can't be achieved by any other aircraft in DOD [the Department of Defense],” Lieutenant General Steven Rudder, a U.S. Marine Corps’ Deputy Commandant of Aviation, told members of Congress in Mar 2018. “We are means to twin lift Humvees, full-up armored Humvees. So that capability allows scheme on a battlefield.”

The King Stallions can also lift a significantly incomparable Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), that will eventually reinstate many of a comparison Humvees. “It’s a many modernized logistics support height to warfighters,” U.S. Marine Corps Captain Sarah Burns, a use spokesperson, boasted to Marine Corps Times progressing in May 2018.

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