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The IndyCar Autograph Battle Escalates

But don’t consider that’s where a argument concluded, since afterwards it was Pagenaud’s spin to exhibit his pierce from days prior. Pagenaud waited until a nationally televised pre-race talk to exhibit that he had indeed autographed a inside of Newgarden’s racing suit. In fact, he had finished so to all of Newgarden’s racing suits, not usually a one a Tennessee-native was wearing that day.

In a musty spin of events, Newgarden went on to win a 250-lap night competition for Team Penske while Pagenaud usually managed to finish 10th. As a result, Pagenaud now claims that he will “sign all of Newgarden’s racing suites from now on in sequence to wish him good luck.”

Previously, The Drive had a possibility to locate adult with Pagenaud to hear his side of this humorous story, so it was usually satisfactory that we authorised Newgarden to explain himself this time.

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