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The Aznom Atulux: A Custom Italian Luxury Dodge Ram

Aznom assembled this brownish-red behemoth with behind set leg room expanded adequate to horde Burning Man, and an interior embellished with half a Amazon Rainforest and a occupants. Gone are a Fiat Chrysler-standard plastics, transposed by leather, alcantara, or timber on roughly each surface.

The behind seats underline party and draught for all types. Improved sound deadening, a pop-up Nespresso appurtenance dark in a core console, and integrated Xbox One with fold-down 17-inch screens support to a magnificent introvert, while a champagne cooler and 1200-watt, 10-speaker stereo complement perform a extrovert. Both can make good use of a leg room, and both front and behind seats control their possess sunroofs and atmosphere conditioning systems.

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