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Texas Couple Slapped With New York Parking Ticket, Claim Never Been to Big Apple

A integrate from North Texas who explain that their automobile has usually ever driven in their home state and Oklahoma perceived a parking sheet from New York City.

The dual went to a New York City supervision website to investigate, as they suspicion that maybe a sheet was a mistake.

“I pulled adult on their website awaiting to see an picture of a car, though of march there wasn’t one,” pronounced Kathy Brown to NBC 5

They doubtful a $75 sheet online and submitted explanation of withdraw label purchases from a Sonic and Jimmy Johns in Coppell, Texas and a Texas Toll assign from a night before a sheet was issued. They believed that possibly object would infer that they were not in New York during a time a sheet was issued.

The integrate claims that a city denied their interest and a few months after were slapped with a second notice of $95. A third notice shortly followed for $125.

After their appeals were regularly denied Mr. and Ms. Brown contacted Samantha Chatman from NBC 5.

According to a internal news station, a sheet belonged to someone with a same automobile model, make, and permit image series as a Texas integrate though an worker from a City of New York contingency have clicked Texas instead of New York when arising a ticket.

The same week that a Browns contacted Samantha Chatman they perceived a minute saying that their car had not been “at a place of occurrence during a time of offense.”

The integrate was means to get their assign totally reversed.

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