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Tesla temporarily halts Model 3 prolongation again

SAN FRANCISCO — Tesla Inc. is temporarily interlude prolongation of a Model 3 sedan for a second time this year.

The automaker is pausing a Fremont, Calif., bureau to “improve automation,” according to a Buzzfeed report. Last week, Tesla CEO told CBS News a company’s stream prolongation rate of 2,000 Model 3 vehicles a week was sustainable, and there would be a “three or fourfold boost in outlay in a second quarter.”

Tesla temporarily close down prolongation in February. A orator for a automaker referred to a matter from a initial pause.

“Our Model 3 prolongation devise includes durations of designed downtime in both Fremont and Gigafactory 1,” a matter read. “These durations are used to urge automation and evenly residence bottlenecks in sequence to boost prolongation rates. This is not surprising and is in fact common in prolongation ramps like this.”

During a talk with CBS, Musk also pronounced a association had enclosed too most new record in a Model 3 and was over-reliant on robots, both of that have slowed down production. On Friday, a executive tweeted, “Humans are underrated.”

Tesla has hold a media spotlight for a past month. In March, a Model X owners was killed when his car crashed in Mountain View, Calif. while a semiautonomous Autopilot complement was engaged. The automaker publicly sparred with a National Transportation Safety Board over releasing information before it was accurate by a group and was kicked off a investigation.

On Monday, Tesla published a blog post aggressive a Center for Investigative Reporting, after it expelled an investigative report into how a automaker reports injuries during a Fremont plant.

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