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Tesla ‘saboteur’ sued by automaker says he was whistleblower

A recently dismissed Tesla technician being sued by his former employer for corporate harm alleges he was indeed a whistleblower fed adult with what he called shocking practices inside a company.

Tesla Motors leveled a lawsuit accusing Martin Tripp of “hacking a company’s mechanism systems in sequence to take trusted photos and video of Tesla’s prolongation systems and other trade secrets” on Jun 20, a Washington Post reports, and a subsequent day pronounced a crony of Tripp’s called to contend Tripp was formulation on display adult to Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory to “shoot a place up.”

Tripp denies ever creation such a threat, and granted a journal with a Jun 20 email sell between himself and CEO Elon Musk where he says a same to a executive.

The Storey County sheriff’s bureau launched an review after receiving a call from a plant, though so distant has dynamic that “there was no convincing threat.” Tesla is but upgrading a confidence as a precaution.

While Tesla’s lawyers contend Tripp, who was dismissed final week after operative as a technician during a Gigafactory for about 8 months, was dissapoint over losing a promotion, Tripp says a quarrel between him and a association was borne over his purpose as a whistleblower. He alleges he was dumbfounded a association was installing what he called “dangerously punctured batteries” in a Model 3s, and told a Post has papers to support his claims.

Tesla in come-back has pronounced Tripp’s claims were misconstrued or false, and, discordant to other allegations done by Tripp, that CEO Musk has never misreported a Model 3’s prolongation numbers.

After divulgence some of his justification to outlets like Business Insider, Tripp is now seeking whistleblower protections and has altered addresses for his family’s safety.


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