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Tesla Owner Hits a Track during Mid-Ohio in His Model 3

How good a lane automobile does a Tesla Model 3 make? It has several essential traits sought after by a engineering teams behind any genuine opening car, such as a low core of gravity, pointy stifle response, and it doesn’t draw most aerodynamic drag, though it does have during slightest one critical debility when taken to a track: weight.

All Tesla Model 3s import somewhere in a top 3,000-pound range, and with a driver, a heaviest will obscure a dual ton mark. Anyone who has even heard of Lotus owner Colin Chapman knows of a famous “simply, and supplement lightness” mantra, and a Model 3’s large quell weight stands in a approach of it being a efficient lane day toy.

And yet, during slightest dual Model 3 owners have taken their cars to a racetrack. One ran rings around Laguna Seca in March, and another, one Rudy Tanov, who gathering a Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course over a weekend where he filmed himself lapping a circuit in a video uploaded Saturday. During his lap, his speed surfaced out during 123 miles per hour, and parallel acceleration during 1 G.

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