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Tesla Model 3 Production Temporarily Halted Yet Again

Tesla Model 3

Tesla has stopped prolongation of a Model 3 again.

That’s a second time this year.

Production problems competence not routinely make such news – after all, Tesla is a tiny automaker that’s both attempting to grow and move a new model, it’s initial truly mass-market model, to production.

But a Model 3 has been most hyped and hotly anticipated. Not usually that, though Tesla CEO Elon Musk has done grand promises in a past.

Just final week, he told CBS News that a stream prolongation rate of 2,000 vehicles per week was tolerable and that he approaching prolongation to boost by threefold or fourfold in a second quarter.

Instead, a bureau in Fremont, California is pausing as Tesla works to “improve automation.�

Tesla even expelled a same matter to news outlets that it did a initial time.

Adding fuel to a public-relations glow is that Tesla has done headlines separate to prolongation problems in new weeks. Controversy over a impasse in a review of a deadly collision involving one of a vehicles (which had Autopilot intent during a time of a crash) is another approach Tesla is generating headlines. So, too, is a association underneath glow for how it handles workplace safety, unionization efforts, and a media.

Tesla is handling underneath an heated spotlight, one that a association itself helped generate. So it’s distinct that Tesla competence face additional inspection as it works to move a Model 3 to market. Add in a expectation over a 3, and any check is going to get attention.

Based on Musk’s talk with CBS news and one of his tweets, it appears that he feels that over-reliance on robots has slowed production. Whether it’s an emanate with how a robots are automatic or a multiplication of labor between humans and robots that’s causing a problem is unclear.

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