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Spied! Peek Inside a Next-Gen BMW 3 Series’ Interior

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The delayed provoke of a seventh-generation BMW 3 Series, internally codenamed G20, continues, with a perspective photographer bringing us glimpses into a arriving sedan’s interior. The shots don’t exhibit too many surprises, though there are a few things we can see.

If you’ve seen a BMW interior in a past integrate years, this 3 Series prototype’s cabin should demeanour really familiar. Like a 5 Series, 7 Series, and X3, a 3 Series’ core smoke-stack incorporates a hexagonal pattern theme, with a HVAC and radio controls tapering downward. In dual of a shots we get to suffer a vantage indicate that’s odd in perspective photography—a perspective from inside a car. Our dauntless perspective shooter snapped a close-up pattern of a core console, display a rigging selector, iDrive control knob, and several buttons for expostulate modes and other features, that seem to be capacitive now. The electronic shifter looks like a section in a Z4, with a park symbol placed in a same position during a behind of a lever. And like a BMW X5 we spied recently, this 3 Series jackass moves a ignition symbol to a core console identical to Volkswagen and Audi models. The instrument cluster in this antecedent is all digital, though reduce models could get earthy gauges.

The car’s extraneous is still good covered, though even with this most camo, it’s transparent a next-gen 3 Series’ pattern will be some-more evolutionary than revolutionary. We see some change from a 5 Series and 7 Series in a some-more estimable headlight housings, though a grille—though incomparable than before—isn’t scarcely as large and in your face as a X7, X5, or 7 Series refresh.


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We design to learn some-more about a seventh-gen 3 Series as we get closer to a reveal, maybe as early as this year. Until then, check out these perspective shots and suppose yourself in a driver’s chair of a new 3er.

Photo source: CarPix

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