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Rumoured track-focused Bugatti Chiron could cost twice a price

Bugatti will betray a new track-focused chronicle of a Chiron hypercar, a Chiron Divo, during Monterey Speed Week in California mid-August, according to new rumours leaked by sources who’ve contend they’ve seen a car.

Just 100 examples of a Chiron Divo will be built, all of that have already been sole to business who held a hide look of a automobile during private showings in Los Angeles, in spring, and some-more recently in New York, according to The Supercar Blog.

The car’s cost tag, sources tell a blog, is 5-million euro, or about US$5.8 million, roughly twice a cost of your standard Bugatti Chiron Sport.

For a price, those buyers will get a Chiron with a same energy outlay as a Sport – a healthy 1,480 horsepower – though a lighter quell weight, several race-spec upgrades, and some radical aerodynamic pieces. Despite a concentration on on-track performance, a automobile will still be street-legal.

Top speed will indeed be lower than a Chiron Sport’s, during 385 km/h to a stream car’s 420 km/h, though a zero-to-100 km/h time will drop next a Sport’s 2.5 seconds.

After a rumoured entrance in August, sources tell a blog a Chiron Divo will breeze adult in patron garages some time in 2020.

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