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Report: Ford Mach 1 Crossover to Sit on Focus Platform

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By now, you’ve substantially listened Ford is axing many of a cars here in a U.S. in preference of SUVs and trucks. Ford will offer a Focus Activ crossover hatchback, though a Mustang is a usually loyal normal automobile that will survive. Now a automaker is focused on capitalizing on a Mustang’s code value by introducing an electric SUV that will steal styling cues from a hack car. And while Ford hasn’t expelled many sum on this vehicle, Autocar may have unearthed a few nuggets of information about a model’s underpinnings.

According to Autocar, a crossover will lay on Ford’s C2 height that underpins a new Focus. Because it’s formed on a front-wheel-drive C2 platform, it’s expected a new indication will be hatchback-like with a somewhat lifted pushing position, a U.K. announcement says. Autocar does not bring sources for a info, so take this news with a pellet of salt.

It’s misleading accurately what Ford will call this new model, though it teased a name Mach 1 at a Detroit automobile uncover behind in January. For now, a codename is CX430 and it is a globally engineered model. The crossover will entrance subsequent year, Autocar says. Ford hasn’t announced powertrain specs, though a indication is being dubbed a opening SUV. Expect operation to surpass 300 miles on a singular charge.


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The new car is partial of Ford’s devise to deliver 16 battery-electric vehicles by 2022. Eventually, Ford will have variety or plug-in versions of only about each car in a lineup. By 2021, Ford hopes to be the number one writer of hybrids.

Source: Autocar

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