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Report: Ford Fusion Name Will Live on as Wagon-Like Crossover

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Ford will pause a Fusion sedan early subsequent decade, though once that automobile is gone, it’s utterly expected a name will live on in a new vehicle. According to Bloomberg, Ford wants to reuse a Fusion name on a high wagon-like crossover that will contest with a Subaru Outback.

Ford orator Mike Levine told Bloomberg the automaker will expected continue to use a Fusion name in a future. But where? Two unnamed sources who asked not to be identified told Bloomberg that a name will be used on a high-roofed hatchback built on a same automatic underpinnings as a Fusion sedan.

In April, Ford announced it would cut sedans in a U.S. to concentration on trucks and SUVs. Its lineup of normal cars will include of usually a Mustang and a Focus Active, that is a somewhat carried hatch. Adding a carried car could enhance a extent of Ford’s lineup while during a same time reason onto a birthright of a Fusion name. In Europe, a Fusion’s counterpart, a Ford Mondeo, is offering as a wagon.


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“They spent hundreds of millions of dollars for code equity in that Fusion name—not $10 million or $20 million—but hundreds of millions,” Rhett Ricart, one of Ford’s tip dealers, told Bloomberg. “The intelligent thing is to play on that code equity.”

Ford updated a Fusion sedan for a 2019 indication year. It gains new extraneous styling and circle designs as good as a redesigned battery container for a plug-in Energi model. The stream Fusion will continue prolongation in Hermosillo, Mexico, for a few years before Ford retools a plant for another product.

Source: Bloomberg

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