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Refreshing or Revolting: 2019 Honda Insight

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The Honda Insight became a initial hybrid to launch in a U.S. when it strike a stage in 1999. Originally a two-seater, a Insight developed into a some-more unsentimental four-door induce as it entered a second generation. In 2014, Honda dropped a slow-selling model in a U.S. to concentration on electrified versions of a Accord and eventually the Clarity series. Few likely this year would see a lapse of a Insight, now positioned as an upscale, five-passenger sedan. It’s pretty transparent that a 2019 Honda Insight is a sleekest and many complicated iteration yet. But a improved doubt is: Has a Insight strayed too distant from a roots, or is it finally flourishing into a own?

The new Insight takes many cues from other sedans in a Honda lineup. It gets identical headlights and a informed thick china bar atop a grille. The front finish of a previous-generation Insight is most some-more rounded, and a grille is reduction gaping. A particular blue accent bar indicates a Insight’s hybrid technology. The strange Insight has a simplest-looking front finish of them all, with oval-shaped headlights flanking a Honda badge.

By comparing a side profiles of these 3 Insights, we can see usually how most a indication has grown. The 2019 Honda Insight measures in during 183.6 inches prolonged and 71.6 inches wide. Compare that to a second-generation hatch, that was usually 172.3 inches prolonged and 66.7 inches far-reaching before it was discontinued. The first-generation indication is a tiny 155.1 inches prolonged and 66.7 inches wide.


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The new Insight is clearly a sedan. Honda was going for a coupe-like roofline, though a lines of a Insight demeanour flattering conventional. Special window trim, pointy wheels, and a clever impression line during a bottom of a doors give a Insight a some-more reward look. Looking during a side form of a second-gen Insight, we can see a indication has an egg-shaped demeanour most like progressing Priuses. The first-gen indication looks officious wild: a regular coupe adult front and what looks a tiny like a Pontiac Aztec in a back.

In a rear, a new Insight facilities a pointed mouth on a trunk. It doesn’t get a C-shaped taillights from a Accord and Civic. This helps yield some good split from a rest of a indication line. From this angle, a second-gen model appears boxy and facilities triangular taillights. The back finish of a strange Insight looks really narrow, and it also has triangular taillights.

Now onto a interior. Inside a cabin of a new Insight is an eight-inch touchscreen concordant with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also features a complicated electronic shifter instead of a normal rigging stalk. A digitalized instrument cluster, seperated leather seats, and 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot are some of the other complicated amenities accessible on a new model. The prior Insight had an infotainment shade by a time it went out of production, though it was small, and obviously, some-more primitive. Circular atmosphere vents are arranged haphazardly on a lurch along with other controls, and a arrangement for a speedometer sits on tip of a instrument cluster. As we can see, a initial Insight was in a joining of a possess with partially few complicated amenities.

Is a new 2019 Honda Insight lovely or revolting? Has a indication line developed gracefully over a years? Let us know on Facebook.

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