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Rare Rides: The First-ever Crossover – a 1987 AMC Eagle Wagon

The Rare Rides array has dabbled in AMC previously, cataloging some of a fun ideas generated by a good people of Kenosha, Wisconsin. We’ve featured a oppulance targa Concord Sundancer, a unrealized Van, a antique Matador Barcelona, and a Renault-by-AMC Alliance GTA. But nothing of those represents a AMC code utterly as good as today’s Rare Ride. It’s a pre-CUV crossover. A lush Subaru Outback, before there was such a thing.

It’s of march an Eagle 4×4 wagon, looking Limited in black over tan.

Introduced for a 1980 indication year, AMC’s Eagle was a finish operation of vehicles. Body styles included four opposite two-doors: coupe, liftback, hatchback, and convertible. There were also dual four-door models: sedan and wagon. As usual, AMC was all about saving cash, and a Eagle lineup was no exception: many models were, underneath, variants of a Concord that debuted behind in 1978.

The exceptions were a smaller SX/4 and Kammback models. These models were dual liftbacks formed on a Spirit — a automobile that rode on a revised 1970 Gremlin platform.

Underneath all Eagles was rear-wheel drive, or discretionary four-wheel drive. Ahead of their time, AMC offering four-wheel expostulate on many of a newcomer cars in a 1980s. Unlike other contemporary manufacturers that mandated a primer delivery with their four-wheel expostulate vehicles, AMC offering an discretionary three-speed TorqueFlite automatic.

Customers who were shifting-inclined could have possibly a four- or five-speed primer in their several Eagles. Speaking of various, engine choices were possibly an AMC inline-four, GM’s Iron Duke, a turbodiesel section from VM Motori, or a 4.2-liter inline 6 benefaction in today’s example.

At a time, Eagles were a usually American-produced newcomer cars versed with four-wheel drive. Providing a comfort of a customary highway car, though a capability of a four-wheel expostulate utility, AMC didn’t have a familiar selling acronym to use in a advertising.

Was it a cross-purpose vehicle, a CPV? Yes. Subaru was personification a identical diversion on a smaller scale, though a simple, agricultural GL automobile did not have a refinement, float height, size, or oppulance preferred by middle-market America. At a other finish of a scale, AMC’s Jeep code already offering a incomparable and some-more lush Grand Wagoneer for a well-heeled application customer. Eagle soared down a center of a ravine (road) toward suburbia with a several offerings.

Though a Eagle found a patron base, it was not adequate to save a usually-ailing AMC brand. The association and a appealing Jeep properties were prepared to be swallowed adult by Chrysler. In fact, a final few months of Eagle production, Q4 of 1987, took place underneath Chrysler government during a Brampton, Ontario plant.

Today’s Rare Ride is a top-trim Limited indication from a final year of a model’s life. Lovely in plain black and though a spirit of extraneous timber tone, this one’s finished 130,000 miles. Currently listed on eBay, behest has sat around $5,100 for a day or so as of writing. That volume is still underneath a reserve, though they don’t come adult in this condition really often.

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