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Racing Roundup: Auto Racing Musings follow Fatal Accident

I am in adore with vehicle racing and we always have been. But today, we don’t like it really much.

Saturday, during Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, during a Formula 5000 foe being reason as partial of a annual VARAC selected vehicle racing festival, Chicago-area businessman Jeff Green upheld away. Whether he died as a outcome of a crash, or suffered a health emanate that resulted in a vehicle going off a circuit, is immaterial. What was ostensible to be fun didn’t spin out that way.

There are dual kinds of vehicle racing. There is a veteran sport, where drivers like Lewis Hamilton and James Hinchcliffe and Kyle Busch are compensated easily to risk their health in office of large income and even bigger prestige. If something happens and they humour a damaged leg, or worse, they know it is a partial of what they do and they accept a risk.

And afterwards there is a dilettante foe (I hatred a word “amateur”), where people go racing for fun and trophies. They get to transport around and see places they wouldn’t usually see and make friends and turn members of an disdainful club.

In a box of a selected racers, there is a intercourse that sets them detached from other non-professionals. They are a special organisation racing a special multiply of racing vehicle – cars that, in some cases, are some-more than 40 or 50 years old. They cruise themselves weekend warriors.

But, in a end, it is still usually ostensible to be fun. Yes, it’s taken severely – this is not golf, or slo-pitch softball – yet nobody is ostensible to get harm and during a finish of a day or a meet, everybody packs adult and goes home and carries on doing whatever he or she does in genuine life.

In a box of Green, a 61-year-old associate from Peoria, Ill., he owned and operated dual vehicle dealerships, Green Chevrolet and Green Ford. His hermit and a sister are also vehicle dealers in a U.S. Midwest. Jeff Green also was in a blurb building business.

He owned a 1966 Shelby foe car, a Ferrari N-GT 360 and a Lola F5000 T300 he was in when he died. He told friends he desired to collect and foe aged selected cars and he had ambitions to squeeze a McLaren M1B.

He raced in a Pro Mazda Series, partial of a Verizon IndyCar Series Road to Indy program, yet – again – it was some-more for fun than a career ambition. Having conspicuous that, he was critical about his racing.

In use Friday for a races designed Saturday and Sunday (Sunday’s eventuality was called off out of respect), Green was by distant a fastest of a F5000 runners, going around Old Mosport in one minute, 20.323 seconds. The subsequent fastest motorist set a discerning time of one minute, 25:041 seconds.

Whether it was his lust for speed that did him in, or something else, a contribution are that a racing vehicle went off a lane during Corner 8 and went true into a wall. There were opposing reports that he was, A, private from a vehicle and taken to sanatorium in Bowmanville, where he was conspicuous upheld and, B, that he was left in a vehicle for several hours before a coroner arrived to establish a means of death.

Whatever, his mother and several members of his family were reportedly during CTMP and a whole stage was really upsetting for everybody.

Several times on Sunday, as we walked around CTMP, we listened people contend that he died doing what he wanted to do. we suppose. But we also would advise that if we could somehow hit Jeff Green and ask him, he would contend he would have elite to be still doing it.

So a doubt is, is it value it?  Because if we are Lewis Hamilton and it happens, that’s what we sealed adult for. It would be awful, yet it would also be an excusable risk. Those closest to we would mourn, yet also be really wakeful that it is really most a partial of a racing profession.

Jeff Green died posterior his hobby and somebody mislaid a father and a father. If his relatives are alive – he was 61 – they mislaid a son. The people operative during his vehicle dealerships are unexpected vulnerable.
We know that daredevils – and yes, vehicle racers are that – are greedy people. Enough of them have conspicuous so. They knowledge a rush and they get a glory. When it ends for them, it’s over. Everybody around them has to afterwards collect adult a pieces.

And that’s what bothers me.

When Dan Wheldon was killed during Las Vegas, we wrote a square seeking because they stopped a race. He was a veteran racing motorist and he got killed in a race. we wrote that they should have lined adult a rest of them again and got them going.

With Jeff Green, it’s different. Way different. Was it value it? You tell me.

Jeff Green upheld awayJeff Green upheld away


With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Brian Redman, a F1 and Formula 5000 champion of a 1970s who won Le Mans and other famous sports vehicle races, came to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park during a weekend to be Grand Marshal of a luckless VARAC selected racing festival.

So final Friday, he leaves his home in Vero Beach, Fla., and creates his approach to a West Palm Beach airfield to locate a Delta Airlines moody to Toronto. He hands his pass to a representative to get a boarding pass and conspicuous representative tells him that he needs a visa to transport to Canada and if he doesn’t have one he won’t be authorised to house a plane.

However, a Delta representative – who is coo-coo, by a approach – tries to be helpful. Mr. Redman can request for a visa online and if he’s lucky, he competence even get one in time to fly to Canada after that day.

Brian Redman has been to Canada – and usually about each other nation in a world, by a approach – and knows we do not need a visa. He is not in a mood to argue, though. He changes his moody to one from West Palm to Baltimore, and afterwards catches another craft to Buffalo, where he rents a car.

He drives opposite a Peace Bridge to Fort Erie, hands his pass to a Canada Customs officer, and is welcomed to Canada. He is not asked for his visa.

There are bizarre things going on in a United States these days. Not all are during a White House.


Quebec batch vehicle racer Kevin Lacroix reminds me of IndyCar motorist Will Power.

You will remember that when Power initial started racing for Team Penske, he was a apprehension on highway courses and not good on ovals. Then he schooled to expostulate on ovals and is one of a better  all-round foe drivers in a universe today.

Lacroix, who won Saturday’s Pinty’s Series foe during Jukasa Speedway, would win frequently on highway courses yet could never hoop a ovals. Well, Saturday night he didn’t usually win a Rankin Construction 200, he dominated.

I advise Lacroix will win this year’s Pinty’s inhabitant championship and afterwards conduct south to join 2017 champion Alex Labbe full-time in a Xfinity Series.

Now, on Saturday night, during a Hagersville-area lane before famous as Cayuga Speedway, something happened that we found confusing. NASCAR does all sorts of things to keep fans entertained, and to even out a competition, and to save teams money, and, etc., yet this kinda took a cake.

Twice, during or about a 75-lap symbol and again around Lap 150, they threw a “competition yellow.” But it was some-more than a yellow. Some cars went to a pits and others stayed out on a lane and fell in behind a gait car/truck, that afterwards brought everybody to a halt.

So we have cars stopped out on a lane and cars stopped in a pits. The cars in a pits are usually sitting there. Nobody can do anything. Suddenly, there is a vigilance and guys are over a wall changing tires and cleaning windshields and jacking around weight and doing all sorts of things and then, usually as suddenly, they all go behind over a wall. Then a cars glow adult and expostulate out of a pits in a sequence they entered and tumble in behind a cars still out on a speedway.

Jeff GreenJeff Green

Kevin Lacroix crosses a finish line Saturday during Jukasa Motor Speedway for his initial win of 2018 (Matthew Manor/ NASCAR)

Maybe I’m usually an aged stick-in-the-mud yet because don’t they usually start a foe and then, if somebody wants to go to a pits, let them. And forget about “stages” and “competition yellows,” and usually let a foe play out a approach it will – or won’t.

I am not alone in feeling this way. At slightest one other contributor as good as people sitting in a closeness of a “press box”” found themselves confused about this “work stoppage” – and conspicuous so.

One other thing about a officiating. L.P. Dumoulin, a past champion of a series, started smoking. (I mean, his vehicle did – hahahaha). It seemed that he had a prosaic right-rear tire. No problem. Except there was a problem. Mr. Dumoulin, for reasons famous usually to himself, insisted on pushing around a speedway in a racing groove, rather than going to a bottom and perplexing to reason things together down there.

By doing what he did, he scarcely caused several accidents – drivers had to snake above or subsequent him in sequence to equivocate rear-ending him – and after one path of that, we would have thrown him a black flag. we know – as did everybody in a place, interjection to ace announcer Adam Ross’s reason – that Dumoulin was perplexing to stay out there until the “competition yellow” came out so that he didn’t remove a path yet when we emanate a danger, as he certainly did, he should have been done to get out of a way.

But we don’t run NASCAR. On a other hand, maybe we should.

For sum of Saturday night’s foe underneath a lights during Jukasa, greatfully click here . . . .

SHORT SHIFTS: Fernando Alonso was one of 3 drivers (Formula Electric motorist Sebastien Buemi and F1 reject Kazuki Nakajima  were a others) to foe a Toyota LMP1 to feat during a 24 Hours of Le Mans. They did not have any genuine foe yet a win during Le Mans is a win during Le Mans. For a full and finish story, greatfully click here

There will now be story after story about how McLaren (Alonso’s employer in Formula One) is formulation to re-enter a IndyCar Series in 2019 and Alonso will be a No. 1 driver. we contend forget it. This male is one of a 5 best racing drivers in a universe (Hamilton, Vettel, Verstappen and Ricciardo are a others) and he is a multi-millionaire who is used to a Good Life (that’s a universe of private jets, Mediterranean yachts and pleasing European women) and we contend we will never find him racing on a crappy small oval speedway in Iowa (as compared to a streets of Monte Carlo).

I envision that he will continue in F1 subsequent year and take another moment during a Indianapolis 500. If he overstays his acquire in F1, and is asked to leave, he will afterwards do universe sports cars. But we will not see him racing during Pocono or Phoenix or wherever with a place half empty. Never. Ever . . . . .

Jeff GreenJeff Green

The Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid group of (L-R) Kazuki Nakajima, Fernando Alonso and Sebastien Buemi applaud after Toyota win for a initial time during a Le Mans 24 Hour foe during a Circuit de la Sarthe on Jun 17, 2018 in Le Mans, France. (Photo by Ker Robertson/Getty Images)

Talking about crappy small ovals in Iowa, Brent Moffitt won a Camping World Series trucks foe during Iowa Speedway during a weekend (click here for sum . . while Justin Allgaier was initial in a Xfinity Series race. Please click here for a full story on that one. .

Jason Hathaway hauled all a approach out to a Maritimes to foe during Riverside International Speedway nearby Antigonish, N.S., and was collected in a outrageous pile-up during a start involving 17 cars and didn’t get to race. The Ed Hakonson Racing group will lapse for another flog during a can in July. . . . .

Anne Chisholm, mother of Riverside founder, a late John Chisholm, has upheld away. . . . . .

At Ohsweken Speedway Friday night, 120 cars were sealed in opposite 4 groups as Burger Barn presented Wall of Fame night and Kids Race for a Canadian National Autism Foundation. An on-track rite during break welcomed 5 new members to a Wall of Fame, including Fred Carleton, Kaith Dempster, Kelly Hallett, and Ken and Cheryl Pelkie.

On a track, it was Cory Turner picking adult a win in a Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Car Feature. Jesse Costa scored his second feat of a deteriorate in a Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Car Feature while Dave Bailey won a Middleport Mechanical Thunder Stock Feature and Nick Masi claimed a mottled dwindle in a HRW Automotive Mini Stock categorical event. . . . . .

Auto racing is alive and good these days. At CTMP this weekend, they had 42 entries in a Formula 1600 class. we can remember usually a few years ago when they were hard-pressed to attract 20. And they hauled in from all over (or bought rides). The leader Sunday was Spike  Kolhlbecker of St. Louis. Kellen Riter of North Vancouver finished second while Jake Crai of Mission Viejo, Calif., finished third. . . . . .
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